Thursday, September 6, 2007

In the words of Homer Simpson... "Woo hoo!"

As of 9:30-ish last night, the toilet is back!

It's not pretty, but it flushes. Also my shower now drains like normal plumbing should, rather than 2 hours later and with much deposition of icky residue.

How long it takes the landlords to get a contractor in here to repair the walls and floor, reinstall the sink, and relocate the medicine cabinet so that it's over the new location of the sink (rather than halfway over the toilet), remains to be seen. The main thing is: I can now pee with impunity. Thank god.

In non-plumbing related news (yes! There is a world outside my bathroom! who knew??), tonight was my second class as a graduate student and it's finally happened: I am officially stoked! (And not just because I think the TA is kinda cute). After tonight's class I've determined that a.) all the people who said "oh! that's a really great class!" weren't just blowing smoke up my ass, and b.) it's going to be an excellent expansion of some stuff I did in my undergrad--ie, the undergrad work is the jumping-off point, and this class will be taking those ideas and exercises to a whole other level.

I really do hate the phrase "whole other level," but in this particular instance, it works.

After class I shepherded a bunch of my classmates over to our program orientation meeting (apparently I was the only one who read that email), which I feared would be as worthless as the last one I attended ("um, excuse me, but I don't understand... am I supposed to pull my pants down before or after I go to the bathroom...?"), but Rejoice! This session actually contained.... *gasp!*... useful information!!

We got to meet one of the other professors in the department, and learn interesting things like the fact that you have to apply to graduate! Good thing they told us, or I'd have finished up my credits and wandered off thinking I had a Masters. Silly girl, they don't just give it to you because you've done the work! You have to ask...

Also I've determined that I can totally wrap this baby up in one year. By the end of the summer term you'll be looking at Froggy, Master of Arts.

Ooooh, I like the sound of that.

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