Monday, September 10, 2007

Is Facebook inevitable?


I have been staunchly anti-Facebook from the beginning. For starters, I am already a devout MySpace junkie (aka "loser") and I really don't need yet another virtual community eating up time that should be spent doing things like, oh say grad school homework. Second, I wasn't in school any more.

Now suddenly I am in school again, and it seems that everyone I know is joining and pressuring me to do the same.

Just now I was taunted with the prospect of baby photos of the child of a friend who lives in Australia, so this is pretty much the only way I will ever see the kid! It's not fair!

So just how much pride will have to be swallowed to take what seems like the inevitable plunge? Probably not much, being that I just (anonymously) admitted my MySpace addiction to the general populace.

We shall see, I suppose... we shall see....


Princess of the Universe said...

I converted the first day that I went onto Facebook. It is so much more user friendly than myspace.

Anonymous said...

I once was a fan of myspace, but once I was introduced to facebook I havent looked back. I know only have facebook!!!! It is soo much easier to find old friends, and school mates. Its also more interactive.
Hope you join the facebook family soon!!!

The Duchess said...

Facebook is in fact inevitable. It is much easier to find everyone you've ever met...ever on there than myspace though. You should give it a try.

AER said...

I like facebook so much better than myspace, more privacy than myspace and i feel alittle more secure there. Its easy to find people on too. :-)