Monday, October 15, 2007


Do you ever get the uncontrollable urge to pop a zit while at work, even though you know it will make your skin a blotchy (and possibly bloody) mess, and it will be blatantly obvious to anyone you pass what you've been up to--particularly your boss, who you of course run into as soon as you leave the bathroom--but you do it anyway and if course your face now is a blotchy (and bloody) mess, and you curse yourself for leaving your makeup at your desk because now you have to walk across the entire office with a huge red splotch on your face before you can get back to the saftey of your workspace and attempt to mask the damages knowing that the thing would have been much less noticible had you just left it the hell alone...?


Just me?



Princess of the Universe said...


Princess Pointful said...

Did I ever tell you how much I love run-on sentences?

the frog princess said...

yes, sometimes grammar must be sacrificed in the name of self-expression.

Also, that is more or less how I think :)