Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday I Wonders...

I wonder why I don't stop and take pictures more often...

I wonder why every cyclist south of 14th Street insisted on riding on the sidewalk this afternoon and nearly running me over! Attention Jackasses: NYC law states that if you are over the age of 12 it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk, so get the fuck off! And while we're at it, where is your freaking helmet? Ugh, you people are giving legit riders a bad name...

I wonder why Maybe Crush missed rehearsal last night.

I wonder how many times I am going to let the wind slam my hallway door--causing me to jump out of my skin--before I hunt down something with which to make a doorstop.

(there, I fixed it)

I wonder if the apple crumble currently baking in the oven is going to taste as good as it smells.

I wonder what time it will be when I actually start working on my paper tonight.

I wonder what on earth my cat could possibly have to whine about. Really kitty, it's getting old.

Hmmmm... I wonder if she's disturbed by the cats outside who are either having sex or killing each other--it's rather difficult to tell the difference.

I wonder how many more beautiful days like today we will have before winter settles upon the city like the Iron Fist of Doom.

I wonder if I will actually be able to start my doctorate next year, or if I will have to wait.

I wonder if the weather will stay dry enough for me to wear my fabulous new suede boots anytime soon.

And finally... considering the bass that's been pounding up through my floor for the past two nights, I wonder when my downstairs neighbor is going to figure out that her boyfriend is gay.

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Princess Pointful said...

Great start, with the photo, and hilarious finish. Good job!