Sunday, October 7, 2007

Sunday Sunday Sunday...

It helps if you can imagine that title in a booming masculine voice with lots of reverb. Anyone who's ever lived in the sticks will get the reference to radio promos, usually involving monster trucks.

Anyhoo, had my first all-day weekend class today, and while getting up at 7:30am on a weekend isn't exactly my cup of tea, I've got a good feeling about this course. The professor is, as promised, thoroughly awesome, and the class seems like a good group of students. We delved into some interesting ideas about education today--the current state of affairs and the changes we'd like to see brought about--and there was definitely lots of interesting, well thought out commentary. Not a lot of people talking just to hear themselves speak. So I'll just have to deal with the early wake up call. Eh, it's only 5 weeks.

Oh, and did I mention that Maybe Crush is also in this class? Oh yes. I'm telling ya, I've got to either step up the game or get over it right quick, as 8 hours in a room with your crush is oh-so-very distracting! I swear, that boy is too damned adorable for his own good. Or mine.

Really though, I'm not sure what more a gal can do! Other than going out of my way to interact with him (often enough to signal interest, yet not so often as to appear creepy) and smiling pointedly whenever I catch his eye, today I picked a piece of fluff out of his hair, and later told him that clearly I was stalking him because we have so many classes together. He didn't appear to object to either. Agh! I so wanted to just leap across the table and make out with him, but somehow I think the other students might have objected. Damn.

So that about sums it up for me today. I need to sit down and process today's class for my journal (which is a decent chunk of our grade), but I am totally distracted. I was hoping that blogging would help, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I also have a million other school-related things that I need to accomplish within the span of this evening and tomorrow's blessed day off. I realized about half an hour ago that I haven't even made a dent in the reading due for Tuesday's class, and I also have to get started on a paper for the same.

I'm thinking that if the weather is nice tomorrow I'll head down to Prospect Park (or, barring that, the small park near my apartment) and try to get some work done. Being out of my house is clutch, as then I can't be distracted by things like cleaning. It is SO easy to justify not doing schoolwork when I'm doing something else that could be deemed productive (AER I know you hear me on this!). And the coffee shop, while convenient and cozy, has the temptation of wi-fi to drive me to distraction.

This current state of indisposition has me worried. In the past when I've fallen into this sort of rut of non-productivity, it has generally taken a rather large kick in the ass (usually in the form of a poor grade or strong reprimand) to serve as the necessary wake-up call and snap me out of it. However, at $1100+ per credit, I really can't afford even a minor catastrophe.

I'm not settling for less than a 4.0 in this program. I just need to find a way to make my drive match my ambitions.


Ashley said...

Holy crap. 8 hours?! ON A SUNDAY!? I thought my 4 hour classes were bad! Although I do have a 12 hour day full of the worst of the worst...I think they purposefully found the worst teachers FIT has to offer and gave them to us.

I definately feel your pain....i need to be yelled at, reprimanded, have heavy objets thrown at, etc to get me to do stuff. I think of all the things I could have gotten done but didn't. One day. It'll probably be the last week of this semester. When thesis is over with. lol. Good luck!!

Princess Pointful said...

My motivation has certainly gone down the tubes more and more over the past year. It could be that I am in my EIGHTH year of full time courses. Gah. Why would i have any motivation left?

I am turning off my wireless as soon as I finish reading your last post and writing. For real.

distracted spunk said...

And now you know why I moved across the country instead of staying in school to accept Bs in class.