Friday, November 9, 2007

So Be It

Ahhh, rainy Friday.

I must admit, I was in a bit of a funk today. I'm not entirely sure why, every now and then the psyche just lurches that way and all I can do is ride it out. And bitch at length to my friends via gmail chat while at work (thanks Spunk!). So once I escaped work half an hour early thanks to yesterday's early arrival, I took a stroll down to Union Square to buy cat food and pick up some fresh apple cider at Greenmarket, with a stop off at Trader Joe's on the way home (god that place is a zoo on Fridays!).

Then I came home and cleaned the house. Such an exciting life I lead, no? But somehow vacuuming up all the cat hair that has gone untouched for the past month and clearing the clutter off the diningroom table perked me up a bit. Which is odd, as I rather hate cleaning.

I was really in the mood to watch a movie where lots of things explode, but somehow my 5,000 channels of cable tv managed to disappoint me in that respect; and it seems that my DVD of "The Long Kiss Goodnight" has gone missing (and I know nobody borrowed that one), so I was left in a quandary... what to watch? What to watch?

And there it was, tucked away in a corner of my DVD cabinet... "Pump Up The Volume."

Oh yes, nothing like vintage Christian Slater faking orgasms and taking off his shirt to lift even the dullest of spirits.

Then, as I was watching, it dawned on me... in the age before the internet, Happy Harry Hardon was the precursor of the blog.

Think about it: He can barely form a sentence to anyone face to face, but there he sits, alone in his basement, with a microphone... and out comes his soul. Just replace the microphone with a keyboard and it's pretty much the same. I started this blog for the hell of it, never really thinking anyone would read it. It's basically like keeping a journal, just without the writer's cramp.

Yet there you are. You actually listen. And many of you have stuck around. I think that's pretty damned cool.

Just don't go trashing the halls of your high school / grad school / place of employment / etc. I don't have a Jeep (or a Samantha Mathis) to help me evade the FCC.

So that's my deep bit of wisdom for the evening. Now I am off to attempt to memorize some lines and then hit the sack; for while the weekend class has finally ended, I still have rehearsal at 9am tomorrow.

And afterwards... day drinking with Maybe Crush.

Wish me luck!


distracted spunk said...

Aw! Anytime. I'm glad you had a positive night. Enjoy tomorrow!

Hope said...

Can't wait to hear about your 'date' (can I call it that?) with Maybe Crush.

Also, now I have an unbelievable urge to watch that movie.

Samantha said...

Good luck on your date! And that is a great analogy with Pump up the Volume!