Monday, November 5, 2007

Submitted for your approval...

First of all... PHEW! After 16 hours of class in 2 days, this evening around 6pm marked the end of the dreaded weekend class! Hoorah! My weekends are mine once again!

Except for 9am rehearsals for outreach company on Saturdays. Damn.

Regardless, it has been a looooong weekend. A long Maybe Crush filled weekend, but long none-the-less. I tried to coerce him and my fellow group members to join me for a drink after class and was met with varying levels of excuses (pansies), but was also met with the promise of drinks next Saturday after AM rehearsal (in which all are involved). We'll see who keeps their word.

As I was unable to find school-friends to join me for the much needed alcoholic beverage, I called upon Brooklyn friends instead--specifically A, who was happy to join me. However, at the time she happened to be already having a drink with Friend of A, who came along with her to see me. This was the first time I'd seen him since, well, the last time I saw him, and much to his (and my!) credit, it was only marginally awkward.

It did, however, put a damper on my plans to obsess about Maybe Crush with A... although we did manage a brief post-mortem or two during a few bathroom breaks.

However, I still must put this to you my dear readers:

In the midst of conversation at the bar, a play was brought up and I couldn't for the life of me remember who'd written it. While I thought I knew the answer, I wasn't certain; and I knew that the self-same play had come up in a conversation with Maybe Crush earlier in the day.

Thanks to the contact list from the outreach program, I "just happened" to have his number in my phone, so I shot him a text message asking who'd written it. I left the phone on the table for 10 minutes or so, and when he hadn't texted back I gave up and put it back in my pocket.

Another 15 minutes or so go by, and... my phone RINGS. Yes, instead of texting back, he called me. He confirmed that the playwright was, indeed, who I'd thought, and we chatted for a few minutes and after teasing him that I was in a bar and he could have been as well, I was given the promise that he would go out for drinks on Saturday (and, of course, after said promise I threatened bodily harm should he renege).

And so, here is my question: it's a good sign that he called as opposed to texting... right?

Honestly, I don't know; and my male friends were no help in dissecting the situation. They were also no help in determining the significance in the fact that he endlessly screws with another friend of ours, but more or less leaves me alone (except for the moment when he was screwing up her hair and she said "you never do this to Froggy, why?" and I responded "because he doesn't like me," and then he proceeded to do it to me as well). I have always subscribed to the whole elementary-school-playground theory that boys only screw with you because they like you... but could the opposite be the case here? A seems to think so...

Sorry, overly neurotic here today... must be the lack of sleep.

Seriously, do men do this shit? Over analyze every little move a girl makes?

I have no idea if any men read this blog, but if they do (and haven't become completely terrified of women in the process), what's your take? Do you obsess like we do? Even in your own special manly way?

Inquiring minds want to know...


Princess of the Universe said...

I would think that it's a good sign that he called back when you only texted him...

Get him drunk next weekend...

distracted spunk said...

Phone call is better than text. Always. Text is less communicative and interpersonal. And he promised you a Saturday night drink. I think it sounds positive.

Also. It might just be that he feels more comfortable with non-Froggy girl. I wouldn't read into it.

Samantha said...

Phone call is always better. He may be nervous around you, which is why he isn't screwing with you.

Princess Pointful said...

Phone call is worth like 12 million points!! It means he wants to talk to you- woooo!

And I really think overanalysis is pretty strictly a female trait... but if any guys were to be the exception, it would be bloggers, due to the self-reflective nature of writing about oneself.

OC said...

Umm are we living parallel lives? I just had this same analysis... a text message answered with a call and the "what did that mean? He wouldn't have called if he didn't want to talk/see me/etc, right?"

I'm anxious to hear what happens Saturday! I'll be thinking of you!

raccoon said...

As a guy who reads your blog, I will offer that I have definitely been equally pre-occupied with girls-of-interest.

But I think guys spend their time planning the next move, rather than trying to figure out the difference between a text and a phone call.

Disclaimer: I'm up in my head more than most guys.

by the way - I love your blog, you're on my RSS.