Wednesday, January 2, 2008


Holy crap.

48 hours from now, I will be in a plane, headed across the Atlantic Ocean.

And in the intervening 40 or so hours until I climb into a taxi to JFK before the sun has even considered approaching the horizon... I have So. Much. To. Do!

On my lunch break today I've got to run to Duane Reade for sunblock & Emergen-C, go get copies of my housekeys made for the lovely A, who will be keeping an eye on my kitty and enjoying my 200+ channels of cable TV, and run to the bank to deposit a check from my parents and get cash to pay the landlord's little brother for feeding the kitty over Christmas.

Then after work I've got to drop off the keys with W, who is also loaning me a suitcase, then go home and start packing.

Not to mention that sometime in the next 2 days I have to write a Personal Statement as part of the application for another study abroad course I want to take over the summer, as it is due the day after I get back from Uganda and lord knows I won't feel like writing it then!

Oh yeah, and then there's the question of what I'm going to do about the blog.

I will have internet access while I'm in Uganda, but I don't know how often I'll actually have time to use it. And with everything else that's been going on over the past few weeks, the idea of guest bloggers didn't even occur to me until, oh, about 5 minutes ago.

And how does one go about doing that anwyay? The mail-to posting address? And there's always the fact that this blog is actually registered under (*gasp*) my "real" google email address.

Er, any volunteers...?

I'm trying not to stress. Really. This is going to be an amazing experience and I'm so grateful for this opportunity and am really, really excited.

I just wish the travel-planning faerie would sneak into my house and clean my bedroom for me, so that A will actually be able to distinguish between the floor and the furniture--all of which are currently covered in clothing.


Who else needs a drink?


Anonymous said...

Awwww!!! But you're going to UGANDA! So there. *huffs in jealousy*

Ashley said...

You must be sooo excited to go! I'm jealous, i'll admit. You better post while you are gone, I want to hear all about Uganda as I have never been remotely close to anywhere near there.

And if you want me to guest post i so will :) You can have people email you their posts and you post them. I set up a seperate email account just for my blog so you could do that...

Good luck packing and getting ready! And happy new years :)

Jess said...

When I had guest posters while I was in Germany I just had them email their posts to me and I posted them myself. You could also give one trusted person your login info and have them handle it. And post lots of photos... no writing involved and we'd all love to see them!

Stephanie said...

I'm insanely jealous! But have SOOO MUCH FUN! Can't wait to hear all about it upon your return!

Samantha said...

Have sooooo much fun!!

Deutlich said...

I hope that you have a great flight and amazing time in Uganda!!!!

OC said...

Have a safe flight! And a great time in Uganda! Definitely take tons of pictures for us :)

And if you want a guest poster, I'll give it a try.

Princess of the Universe said...

I'll be happy to write about the spa and how overworked I am if you like :)

Have an amazing trip!!!

libby said...

have a safe and fantastic trip!!!!

Kenzie! said...

You could always invest in a Blackberry! :)

Then again...I couldn't imagine posting a long ass post with little keys.

ana said...

OMG I'm so jealous. I need a drink and a lucky girl you...aww...

Princess Pointful said...

Wow-- so so soon!!!
I hate that hecticness of rapid travel all at once... but it will all be worth it.
And I'm more than willing to do a guest post, if you'd like!

Bon voyage!!