Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Oh Internet Shoe Gods, Why Do You Mock Me?

Melodramatic? Perhaps... But acknowledging that does nothing to decrease my irritation at the email I found waiting for me when I arrived back at my humble abode late last night.

Sorry for any inconvenience but I can't locate this item. It was either lost or listed twice I'm not sure. For that reason I am refunding your payment. I am very sorry for this inconvenience.

This would, in fact, refer to the Naughty Monkey boots that I had been coveting for several months and finally decided to purchase on Sunday, as the cost of the boots was less than the total cost of the other shoes I had returned.

Now, a normal person would consider this to be a sign from the Powers That Be that maybe, just maybe, she already owns enough boots and doesn't need to purchase any more.

Not me.

I'm wondering if it's significant that I dreamt about buying red Uggs the other night, even though I find them to be generally distasteful.

Is there a 12-step program for this?

* * * *

So in a fit of... something... last night, I went and joined Twenty-Something Bloggers because, really, one can never have too many methods of procrastination or wasting time at work. So if I haven't tracked you down already, go ahead and look me up! I need a large friend-list in order to validate my self-worth.

No, wait, that's Myspace. Damnit.

[begin tangent]

Speaking of online networking sites, this morning I was once again struck with the inexplicable urge to internet stalk my 8th grade boyfriend. That is, if he hadn't vanished entirely from the face of the earth. I wish I knew what it was that makes him invade my brain like this every few months. It's starting to irritate me.

[end tangent]

So thanks to 20sb and the lovely "Recommendations" section of Google Reader, several new blogs have found their way onto the blogroll. Check them out! Actually, there are several whose names I see mentioned quite frequently, but had never quite gotten around to investigating, silly me!

Right-o. Back to pretending to work. Happy Tuesday y'all!


Deutlich said...

Dude! I LOVE Naughty Monkey shoes SOOOOOOOOO much it's not even funny. I woulda been hella pissed.

Then again, I found mine in a bargain bin for about $15.

Ha! That was a STEAL, I tell ya.

Jess said...

There are a lot of blogs that I see around and keep meaning to check out. Of course, I haven't done it yet. I kind of suck.