Monday, February 11, 2008

Stream of Consciousness

It's Monday and my capacity for coherent thought is virtually nil. Bear with me.

So, you remember the online shoe shopping extravaganza? Well the goods arrived in the office last week and the results were mixed. The brown boots? Are freaking fabulous and I adore them to the ends of the earth. The rest? Not so much. It seems that the company in question must have changed their sizing guidelines because only one pair (the ankle boots) fit, and they were way too pointy toed. I am not a witch. The red shoes had to be re-ordered in blue because a credit card faux pas caused my first order to be cancelled and when I tried to place it again the red shoes were sold out. The blue arrived and in addition to being too small, the strap was silver. Seriously trashy. And finally, the fabulous chunky oxfords were far too small, but adorable, so they've been re-ordered a size up and hopefully will fit. Oh, the perils of online shopping...

And I may or may not have caved last night and ordered a pair of Naughty Monkey boots that I've been eyeing for the past 3 months.

I'm telling you, I've got a serious problem.

In other news, as time wears on I've come to realize with greater and greater clarity why B and I would never have made it as a couple. Aside from the fact that he is young (and has serious commitment issues), I keep coming back to his staunch vegetarianism. First of all, I like meat. A lot. Second of all, yesterday I wore my new (to me) vintage fur coat** (which, by the way, is fabulous) and I got the death stare alllll day. It probably didn't help that I kept rubbing my sleeve on him at every opportunity, but I staunchly maintain that I was provoked.

Now, don't get me wrong, I still trip off on the occassional R-rated day dream in which The Girlfriend doesn't exist, but hey, I'm only human...

**Pre-prepared justification speech for fur-haters: First of all, it's mouton, which is chemically treated lamb, which is a domesticated animal and was therefore likely used for food in addition to its hide. Second, the coat is from the 40s, which means this lamb died before my parents were even born. If it's still keeping people warm 60 years later I say it provided far more than that lamb ever could have in his life span. Thank you. {*steps off soapbox*}

I have no idea what to eat for lunch.

Actually, that's a lie. I really want Chipotle, I just don't know if I can justify the expense.

Or the calories.

I'm still trying to figure out what to do over my Spring Break. I realized the other day that we've got a large group presentation the Monday after and will probably need to rehearse at some point during the break, so my initial idea of traveling somewhere far, far away may not pan out.

I could go visit my friend, we'll call him FuturePhD, in Florida, where I could stay for free and have an old friend to show me around. However if it were just the two of us for more than a day or two, he might start to drive me crazy. The jury is still out.

I really want a burrito.

It's official, I am going to Ireland and Brazil this summer! For school, once again, so it won't be all fun and games, but I am still super-excited. I'm also trying to work it out that I can head to the UK a week early and visit with my friends in London--including the English Ex, who may again be single and who, it must be said, is a fantastic shag. Hey, like I said, only human...

Also hoping to tag my dream trip to Peru onto the end. Macchu Pichu here I come!

These trip extenders are currently completely in the realm of fantasy, but I'm really hoping to make them a reality.

I need a nap.

New York is fucking COLD right now! The temperature drop between yesterday morning and yesterday evening was staggering, and say what he will about my fur coat, I was a far-sight warmer than B on the way to the subway after class!

I am supposed to meet up with The One That Got Away for coffee and to catch up sometime this week. He's been out of town, so we'll see if he actually follows through on his promise to call me and make plans, or if I have to track him down myself.

The One Who Got Away is also a fantastic shag.

Just sayin'.

There was some other bit of randomness that I wanted to mention, but I've completely forgotten what it was.

Oh, glad you all like the header! To answer Stephanie's question (How did you do that?), in brief, Google Image Search, followed by cut & paste, magic wand selection tool, and the clone stamp. It probably would have taken someone actually trained in Photoshop about 10 minutes, whereas it took me a little over an hour, but I'm proud of my self-taught-ness.

My boss has serious food issues. He left a box of chocolates in the kitchen and keeps going back to check and see if they've all been eaten, ostensibly so he can gloat inwardly (or perhaps outwardly) over his own willpower and superior dietary discretion. I ate one, but did so furtively before returning to my desk so he couldn't chide me for it. Now I feel foolish. I don't want his issues rubbing off on me.

So, what randomness is floating through your mind on this arctic Monday?

[Addendum: I remembered the other bit of randomness! Last night I tuned in to "Brothers and Sisters" for the first time in ages and was highly amused to see Eric Winter, who used to play Rex on "Days of Our Lives" back when I still watched it, playing Rob Lowe's gay brother. I always said he was too pretty to be straight! :) ]


Jess said...

It's amazing, isn't it, how many calories are in a Chipotle burrito? The day I discovered their nutrition facts was a tragic day indeed.

Stephanie said...

Your summer travels sound so exciting! I just found out my grad program has week-long trips to three different places in three different weeks and I seriously want to do ALL THREE! Am I insane?

And, yeah, COLD. UGH.

Hope said...

Ooo, shoe shopping. Maybe, that will make me feel better!

I really hope you get to go on all those trips. I loved your updates while you were in Uganda. I'll get to live vicariously through you.

And Ireland? Always wanted to go.

ana said...

Your burrito craving replaced the chunks of thinky nuggets that were floating in my psyche. Now I want a burrito (followed by a nap) ;)

Deutlich said...

I've been so busy I haven't even had all that time to be random.. which is RARE. But yeah.

Although, i am listening to a version of Augustana's "Boston" that I've never heard before and falling in love with the song all over again.


Princess Pointful said...

I am so jealous of your travelling plans.
And your killer new layout.
And of anyone eating a burrito right now.

Anonymous said...

No need to cow down to the "anti-fur" vocal minority. You learned quickly the value of natural fur in frigid climates...and that you re-cycled your fur coat, all the better. Faux fur fabric is often petroleum based and not biodegradable. (I wonder what will happen in 50 years to those who wish faux when the oil supply dries up or becomes outrageously expensive.)

Keep it up and stay warm. B proably doesn't get it.