Friday, February 8, 2008

T-G-I-List-Day... I mean Friday...

It's Friday night and I've got homework to do, so here are some bullet points to amuse you...

  • Office "parties" are so awkward. They remind me of high school. This afternoon we had a surprise birthday party for my boss. I was one of the last to arrive in the conference room so the seats with the "cool kids" were all taken and I sat down at the end (for some strange reason everyone was sitting along the walls) next to this odd guy who works in my office but I have no idea what he does. Something with research. Out of the blue he says "You like to sew, right? I'm from the garment industry, I sew too. One year, I made my mom a jacket for Christmas..." Ummmm, okay guy, thanks for the history lesson. Next World's Most Annoying Coworker sits down next to me and begins his usual oh-I'm-so-interested-in-your-life-really-I-am barrage of questions that I don't feel like answering. School is fine. I'm really busy. Please leave me alone and GET THE HELL OUT OF MY PERSONAL BUBBLE! Oh, yes, did I mention he's a close talker? Needless to say I scarfed down my low fat muffin and fresh fruit (the birthday boy hates junk food) and hightailed it out of there.

  • Tonight at my subway stop some preppy-looking white guy was getting arrested. I thought he was just getting a ticket, then I saw the handcuffs. Not exactly the type of arrest you expect to see going down in BedStuy... I am insanely curious as to just what this guy did...

  • I am so proud of the outfit I put together this morning. I looked damned snazzy.

  • I posted the half-assed beginning of a short story on my blog today. I will be posting further installments whenever I get around to writing them. I have no idea what possessed me to do this.

  • Brookem, hi! Welcome! My favourite pair of shoes? That's like picking a favourite child! Hmmmm... okay, I'll go with the first pair of super-skinny (ie-stiletto) heels I ever bought. They're from Aldo, they're a green/brown tweed fabric with a big ole fabric flower on the front, but off-center. They're super-high and make my feet look tiny! Favourite cocktail is easy: Bombay Saphire martini, dirty, with extra olives. Yum!

  • Two words: Homemade Pesto

  • Ana asks, What'd you rather be? Chocolate or Vanilla? This is a deceptively difficult question. At first I thought, Vanilla! It's simple and goes with everything! But the more I thought about it, I realized that I'm more like Chocolate. Rich, complex, and doesn't mix with everything, but goes better with some things than you'd expect... so I'll stay true to myself and say Chocolate! Plus chocolate stimulates the same chemicals in the brain as an orgasm, and who wouldn't want to do that? :)

  • I have a ton of reading to do tonight, and I don't wanna.

  • OC asks, Which would you rather give up for a week - the internet or your cell phone? That's easy, definitely my cell phone. Nobody ever calls me anyway! :) Although ditching the cell phone would mean I'd need to find a watch. And an alarm clock. But I could still live without it much more easily than I could without the internet.

  • I desperately need a new blog layout. I've been searching and searching but thus far nothing has struck my fancy. If I actually finish my insane amount of reading tonight, I'm going to screw around with attempting to make one myself... so if you show up here and it looks a disaster, sorry!

  • I actually don't have class tomorrow! Hoorah! However, I have a huge amount of homework to catch up on, in addition to needing to clean the house and do laundry.

  • I'm also hoping to fit a mani-pedi in there somewhere... yikes!

Okay campers, I've got to go make dinner (see bullet six), so that's all she wrote!

Hope everyone has a good Friday!

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