Friday, February 1, 2008

Wait... it's Thursday?!

Where the hell did this week go??

On one hand, tomorrow is Friday. Hoorah!

On the other, the day after is Saturday and I have class for 8 hours. Ugh.

A good class. (joy!)

But it's still 8 hours. (meh...)

It seems I am surrounded by this sort of yes-and-no, yin-and-yang, etc-and-soforth.

For example, I am very congested, which is going to make sleeping difficult.

However, if I take sudaphed, I will not sleep either, because for some reason every medication that puts the rest of the world to sleep--including NyQuil--keeps me awake. I am a freak of nature.

I realize that this post is mostly faff. I do apologize. I actually had lots of interesting (or so I thought) ideas brewing in my head on the way home this evening--and they certainly had plenty of time in which to brew, because I waited forever for the G train... but I digress. Actually, I digressed several hours ago when I decided I'd done enough real thinking for one day and sat down to catch up on my DVR.

One episode of House and two episodes of Moonlight later, and here I am, with the conversational ability of an emotionally stunted 16 year old.

Who says TV isn't dangerous?

Okay, okay, best to end this sooner rather than later.

There'll be a real post with real, grown-up thoughts tomorrow, 'kay?



Princess Pointful said...

Pshhhh.... grown-up thoughts are overrated.
Let's talk about Carebears instead.

Deutlich said...

DUDE! I thought I was the only one on the planet that stays wide awake on those meds!

Gah! I'm not aloooooone!

And, I should stop using exclamation points! Cuz yes!!


Ashley said...

I also am baffled at where this week went?! Partly because I have done ABSOLUTELY NOTHING this week. Whoops.

Maybe if you take the daytime meds they'll make you sleep? *shrugs* who knows.

Samantha said...

Gah! How good is Moonlight?? Love!