Thursday, March 13, 2008


(My apologies to anyone with a Reader who opened a blank post. Blogger spazzed on me.)

12:44pm Ashley:
So i may be a little loopy tonight since i am now on pain meds for my back Haha just warning you! Cant wait to meeet you girls tonight!

4:55pm Froggy:
It's okay. you can be dopey and I'll be sweaty (from class). It'll be like a f'ed up version of the seven dwarves, complete with booze! :)

4:55pm Ashley:
Hahaha hysterical people may be scared of us lol

5:02pm Froggy:
Really that'd be nothing new ;)


8:32pm Froggy:
Just got out of class. On my way! :)

8:41pm Ashley:
we're in a booth by the front first one

8:42pm Froggy:
Excellent! On the bus. If traffic doesn't suck I should be there in 10


I was on the corner, or so I thought, wondering where the hell the bar was... somehow I didn't think the sushi restaurant had been around since the 1800s. Then I looked down the street and realized that, in typical Froggy fashion, I had gone an extra block north.

I entered the crowded bar and made my way to the first booth.

"Hi!" I said, and as the words left my lips I realized there were three people in the booth... not two. Oh shit, I thought This isn't them... just as the girl nearest me asked, "Froggy?"


I sat myself down and from that moment commenced an evening that could only be described as lovely, fabulous, and any other superlative adjective you care to think of.

Ashley is adorable. Samantha is hilarious. And Samantha's Lil' (the third party at the table whose presence had momentarily thrown me for a loop) was a sweetheart.

There was much laughter and hi-fiving, and sharing of stories that have not yet echoed o'er the hills of blogland.

The waiter entered upon my tale of an illicit hook-up with a friend's roommate.

The busboy probably heard more than he let on about blow-jobs.

But all in all, a lovely evening with some lovely ladies!

There was one moment in particular that sticks in my memory. We were off on tales of love affairs gone wrong, when Ashley brought up The Forbidden. Not wanting to leave Lil' out of the loop, we briefly filled her in on exactly what was meant by "Forbidden."

The look on her face was one of, hmmm... shock? Dismay?

At which point Samantha chimed in with "Yes, yes, she was stupid. But we're past that. It doesn't matter."

That moment cemented for me what I truly love about all of you, my dear freaders. In this place, there is no judgment. We all take one another at face value, and accept that when it comes right down to it, we are all flawed.

It was particularly gratifying to see that carry over into the "real" world as well.

So to all my bloggy friends, thanks for the multitude of non-judgmental ears.

And to Ashley and Samantha, thank you for a lovely evening and being so perfectly fabulous! I only hope we can do it again some day!


Anonymous said...

I think when you put all your thoughts on the page for people you don't know, it's impossible to not form close bonds.

I demand a four-peat in the fall!

Deutlich said...

I freaking LOVE that about bloggy land.


PS: I did tell you I'll be in NY in August, right?

PPS: I sure hope I mentioned that I freakin' LOVE making roadtrips up there, right?

Samantha said...

Such a fun night! You are so awesome and I love your haircut! And yes I was secretly fascinated by your tongue ring!!!! LOL! Text Ashley and I (in case one of us has a cell phone mishap, lol) if you get done early tonight. I think we are hitting up bars in the west village and we will be with more of my fun friends. I PROMISE my cell phone will work! XOXOXO

Z said...

Sounds awesome!

And Deutlich, if you're gonna be here in August, can I bust in on that meet-up? Please?

Princess Pointful said...

I'm always glad to hear about super successful bloggie meet-ups. It reifies how great you all are!