Monday, March 24, 2008

Sha-la-la-la that ain't no crime

I have no idea why I keep referencing a musclebound man in gold lamé underwear lately. Perhaps my subconscious is trying to tell me something.

Oh well.

(ps- if you didn't catch the reference, you are forgiven... but you should be taking a little jaunt over to Netflix, stat!)

The weekend was good. Saturday morning I was up quite literally before dawn, and in the Financial District before the crack thereof, to shoot some exteriors for a short film project I am working on. It may have been freezing and FAR too early to be awake, but it went well. The remainder of the day was devoted to school work. Sunday was devoted to more school work and rehearsing for the scene work we have to present in class this evening.

And now it is Monday, and I am back at work for my final week of employment. And I thought to myself, in between using the work printer to print out documents for school, what better place to sit and ponder my slowly expanding list of "Positive Aspects of Unemployment."

Here's what I've got so far:

More time for school work. This is truly the gold medal winner, as the work load looks to be expanding rapidly with each passing day.

The Gym. This is a two-fold bonus. First, I have been trying to escape my gym contract for ages, and there happens to be a clause in my contract that says if I am no longer employed in Manhattan, I can get out of it. I plan on exercising that clause ASAP. Second, I recently discovered that the University gym is free for grad students (I thought we had to pay), so I can start going there because, hey! I'll have time!

Time to cook. No more buying ridiculously overpriced lunches every day. I will actually save money on food by eating at home.

More time to read blogs! I haven't opened Google Reader yet today, but I'm certain it's back up in the triple digits. Sorry! But soon I will have plenty of time to read all of you.

Making a dent in my Netflix queue. Which, I must say, is embarassingly long. Soon, all that will change.

Cleaning my apartment!! This one is huge. It hasn't undergone a thorough cleaning since I got back from Africa, and it shows. The cat hair tumbleweeds in the hallway will soon be large enough to trip me (not that that's saying much... my klutziness is epic). And I'll finally have time to break down and recycle the HUGE stack of boxes that's been in the exterior hallway since I moved-in in, oh, August...

Spring is coming! And not being stuck in an office all day, every day, means I'll be able to enjoy it! Provided, of course, I don't turn into a pyjama-clad sloth who never leaves the house... which, knowing me, is not unlikely.

No more dress pants! So sure, when I first started working, getting all dressed up was fun. Then I realized how annoying it is. Also I can stop looking for a dry-cleaner in my neighborhood.

No more morning commute! Halelujia, thank you jebus! 'Nuff said.

Oh yes, and did I mention MORE TIME FOR SCHOOL WORK!!! I really think being poor will almost be worth it.

So that's what I've got so far. What do you think kids? See anything I've missed?


Jess said...

Not having to wake up at the crack of dawn? Not sitting around in a crappy job you hate (may or may not apply to everyone)? Feeling like your options are open?

Princess Pointful said...

No more "miscommunications" like the one above?