Thursday, April 17, 2008

I Overthink Everything

So the gentleman in question wrote back... in the affirmative!

However, he also sent another email to everyone in our group saying we should grab drinks sometime.

The response to my email was written around 1am. The email to everybody around 9:30am. So what does this mean? Is he going to try to combine the two and thereby eliminate the possible connotation as a date?

Or am I just being ridiculously paranoid?

I'm guessing that Option B is more likely to be the case, but hey... we all have our little defense mechanisms. Mine is expecting the worst so as never to be disappointed.

So please, my dears, send positive thoughts my way :)

And now I am off to do laundry. You know it's bad when you have so much dirty laundry that it will require multiple trips to the laundromat. One one hand I wonder how I let it get so out of hand... on the other I wonder how the hell I wound up owning so many clothes!!

Wish me luck!


Ashley said...

Sometimes I hate google reader. Why was your post from yesterday BEFORE this one?! YAY for hearing back in the positive!!!!! I hope hope it goes well and it is not to combine. I have a feeling its not to combine, he didn't say hey, come join me and froggy for drinks.

I will send you positive thoughts!! (oh and thanks for the bitchslapping, I need it!!)

Hope said...

That would have also made me really paranoid. Buuuuut, I do think that he didn't mean to combine. Then again, what do I know?

Good luck!!

distractedspunk said...

I say e-mail him back and ask him when he wants to meet up. If he says when everyone else wants to, there's your answer. I don't think he will though. He sent two separate e-mails. I think that's usually a good sign.

Also. I miss you.

Deutlich said...

Wishing you luck! for SURE!

Princess of the Universe said...

So what's his nickname going to be?

Lpeg said...

I agree with distractedspunk.

His email back should have your answer!

Samantha said...

i agree with ds totally.