Tuesday, April 29, 2008

(Sing Along)

I am ancient, this I know.
The C.W. told me so...

Come on, you all know the tune!

Is anyone else as excited as I am that the writer's strike is over, and "Gossip Girl" is back and sassier than ever?

Yes, I am fully aware that I am a bit too old to take such delight in a television show about rich high school kids--particularly considering they're all UESers, and after spending 9 months as the hired help in that little corner of the universe, I came to the conclusion that I can't stand rich people--yet I can't help myself.

So last night I was comfortably camped out on my couch, a bit more-than-tipsy from celebrating a friend's birthday (as evidenced by the large plate of less-than-healthy snackage which I was inhaling) and watching the evening's episode thanks to my faithful DVR.

All the kids were stressing about their SATs and I was laughing thinking "oh come on, they're not THAT bad..." when Serena said something about needing to score higher than 2200.



Isn't the maximum 1600?

Suddenly my paltry 1350 of yesteryear no longer sounds so impressive.

Much like my potential-future-children will never lay eyes on an audio cassette or a VHS tape, and will gasp in shock that their mother was born in the 1900s, so too will they eventually reach that golden age and ask "So mom... what did you get on your SATs?"

... and gasp in shock that their mother could be such a dunce.

Le sigh.

Yes, I am, of course, being ridiculously over-dramatic, but with only 2 weeks left in the semester, I am allowed. Expect many more posts of such inconsequential nature--if, indeed, I manage to write at all.

And so, because making lists helps me focus my stress more keenly as I take in just how much I actually have to get done... here is the "To Do" list from today through May 9th.

  1. 5-7 page research paper on Martha Graham. This is trifling really, because a.) 5 pages is NOTHING, and b.) I already did all the research a month or so ago... I just need to re-examine. But still, it's work.

  2. Final Self-Assessment for Acting/Directing class. Yes, that's right, we grade ourselves. And then defend that grade like the Greeks defended Thermopylae... though hopefully with greater success.

  3. 3-5 minute solo physical performance piece. Have I started this yet? Hahaha, that's a good one...

  4. Show review/analysis of a piece of physical theatre. Have I seen a show? No. Do I have time to see a show? No. Hopefully I can find a way to make "The Awesome 80s Prom" at Webster Hall count, because I'm going there for a Bachelorette party next weekend.

  5. Job Application for a position in the Fall, which requires: A cover letter outlining my teaching style and philosophy (like I have any clue what that is); A C.V., which I need to start from scratch, because no arts organization cares that I booked international travel and made powerpoints for a bunch of executives; and, a 45-minute experiential lesson plan to prepare elementary school students to see a show that I myself have never seen.

On top of all this, I also have a reading for the short film project I'm working on, a call-back for a staged reading series, a youth theatre show to attend, a Bachelorette party, a day of shooting for the short film, dresses to buy for upcoming weddings, train tickets to buy for upcoming wedding, and plane tickets to buy for my travels this summer.

So, as you can see, I am perhaps just a teeeensy bit swamped.

Where oh where have the last three months gone??


Princess of the Universe said...

1. I used to love the OC when it was on. It made me feel both young and old at the same time.
2. Being Canadian, I don't even get what SATs are. Are they like the GRE? To get into Grad school?
Cause all I had to do to get into an undergrad program was send in an application and cheque.

Jess said...

It SOUNDS all crazy that the SATs are now out of 2400 instead of 1600, but all they did was basically take the Writing SAT II, which almost every college requires anyway, and make it part of the SAT I. So it's not THAT different. But yeah, it feels that way.

Lpeg said...

I know, I take guilty pleasure in watching that show too :)

Goodluck with everything! I kinda miss college now - even though I don't think I'd ever like to go back to my last semester. Too stressful!