Sunday, July 13, 2008

Blogging via Mobile Phone

No, I'm not dead. Just a bad blogger... But all things considered, I
think I can be forgiven :).

Anyhoo, it is the ass crack of dawn here in the UK, and I am on my way
to Gatwick to catch a flight to Dublin. The London leg of my journey
has been lovely--albeit a bit damp. Violet and Jeff took great care
of me, and on Friday I had lunch with the English Ex, who is sexy as
ever. No, I did not sleep with him.

I'd promise a proper update soon, but there really are no guaruntees.
I will, however, do my best.

I think my stop is coming up soon so I'd best bring this to a close.

Happy Trails!

1 comment:

Princess Pointful said...

Glad you are having a lovely holiday.
I am a shitty blogger, too, so I sympathize.
I am looking forward to my postcard, though!!