Sunday, August 3, 2008

Ah, Paris!

(title to be pronounced in uber-snooty French accent)

Greetings from Paris!

Well, from the airport and the surrounding area at any rate.  Slater and I are en route to Brazil and are here awaiting our flight, having spent the evening in a fairly wretched Comfort Inn, eating stale junk food for dinner as the vending machine was the only option by the time we reached the hotel... excellent!  Not exactly the Paris holiday of a Hollywood blockbuster, but at least we were able to sleep in a real bed as opposed to a bank of chairs at the airport.

Though there are some uber-modern chairs down the way that actually look pretty comfy... and the departure lounge smells much better than the hotel.  But I digress...

The wrap-up of Dublin was lovely.  Went out with some of the girls for "a drink" and proceeded to get schnackered and make friends with a bunch of Irish & English boys... the cutest of which is now my Facebook friend!  Woohoo!!

Really, that's about it.  I've got 2 minutes of overpriced internet left and our flight boards in 8 minutes, so... Farewell until Brazil!

Also, Round 2 of Postcards went out shortly before I left Dublin, so keep your eyes peeled!!


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