Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Because really, what´s one more straw?

Greetings Campers.

Yes, yes, I know that I told you I wouldn´t be writing again until I was State-side, but I truly feel the need to share with you the newest straw that has been added to the back of this very pissed off camel (aka, yours truly).

I believe I mentioned at some point that Slater was originally to accompany me on this grand voyage, but that unexpected career opportunities required him to return to the States instead.  Well, apparently when he cancelled his flight home from Peru, the geniuses at STA Travel also deigned to cancel MY flight home as well!  Because really, that makes SO much sense!

So here I am at the Lima airport, nice and early for my 12:00 flight, only to be told that my reservation has been cancelled and the flight is now full.  I ask if there are any seats available in the other classes--willing to suck it up and pay so long as it gets me home--but apparently my student-rate ticket is not elligible for upgrade.  In the end, they found a seat for me on another flight, which leaves at 3:00pm (oh joy, 5 hours to kill in the Lima airport), and doesn´t get me back to the States until sometime around 3:00am.  Fucking JOY!!

And with that, my darlings, this camel is officially DONE with travel.  Someone just teleport my ass home already.

Also, at the moment when I am perhaps least prepared to deal with it, I get a long, apologetic email from CFL.  Seriously, what more could the universe possibly have in store for me??

Wait.  It's probably best that you don't answer that.


Hope said...

Oh no! I can't believe that.
Why would they cancel YOUR ticket too? That's just beyond ridiculous.

Hope you get out of there as soon as possible and the rest of your journey home is smooth!

Miss Definitely Maybe said...

I for one can believe that, once bought a ticket to southafrica going out on the 30th of June and wanting to come back on the first of August. You cn guess what the idiot did, sold me a ticket for the 30th of June coming back on the 1st of july!!! Worse off the stupid airline said it was all my fault should have clarified blah blah blah but serously who would go for an overnight trip to south africa???

Jess said...

What a pain! I'm glad you found a way to get home!

Princess Pointful said...

They cancelled your ticket?!?!
Methinks an airline better have some Froggie goodies-- stat.

Princess Pointful said...

PS. I did tell you that I got your postcard way back, didn't I??