Monday, October 27, 2008

Somewhere Between Here and There...

My brain feels a little mushy today.

Yesterday was entirely lost to a hangover of such magnitude as I have not experienced in a very long time. I attempted to rouse myself twice before nightfall, failing miserably when overcome by nausea within 20 minutes of becoming vertical, forced to flee to the heavenly feather-filled nest that is my bed until well after sundown. Apparently, hangovers can turn you in a vampire.

It was nearly 7pm by the time I was able to successfully consume solid food--at which point I decided to go for broke and order a pizza. My neighbors were having a party which left my bedroom smelling like smoke from the smokers on the stoop, and I finally fell back asleep somewhere around midnight.

I spent all of today at a conference, to which I will be returning tomorrow, and which has left me in need of some advice.

You see, one of the presenters in my first breakout session this morning was pretty damned cute (to my geek-lovin' eyes anyway), and I stuck around to talk to him for a few minutes after the session ended, but then I needed to head downstairs and find coffee before the keynote address, and he was leaving. I couldn't quite muster a reasonable excuse to give him my card, but he did say "Well, you can always reach me through [Company] if you want to talk about Shakespeare or... anything."

His email address is in the conference materials. Do I email him? If I do so, do I need to come up with a reasonable conference-related excuse for doing so, so I'm not blatantly hitting on him? Having never found a conference presenter attractive before, I am unclear on the etiquette in these situations.

What are your thoughts?


Princess of the Universe said...

Maybe something relatively innocent- yet direct..
"I'd love to discuss topic X further, maybe over coffee?"

Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

He seemed blatantly okay with you getting in contact with him, so I would just go for it! You could always say that you found what ever topic fascinating, and that you'd love to hear more about other related things?

OC said...

You could be kind of coy and email him with a "hey it's me - we talked Shakespeare briefly at the conference and we ran out of time before I had to run... I'd love to continue our conversation over coffee if you were interested..."

And do what I hate doing the most - leaving it in his court.

Anonymous said...

i HEART cute geeky boys. they're so endearing.

Anonymous said...

oh yes, you must email him! MUST.

Princess Pointful said...

Must indeed.
You could always find a suitable event to invite him to.
"Oh, look, The Tempest is playing off-broadway!"
(I so haven't the slightest clue about NY speak)