Sunday, November 30, 2008

Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head...

Or, more accurately, on the porch several feet away, safely seperated from my nice cozy dining room by a set of sliding glass doors.

But the sentiment is still the same, or something.

At any rate, it's the last day of my visit to PA, and the first day on which I have nothing in particular planned--no visits with friends, no major holidays, no Black Friday visits to the mall, or Post Black Friday returns to the mall to tell Lens Crafters they screwed up the prescription in my new glasses--and, somewhat appropriately, it is pissing down rain, further cementing my resolve to not leave the house unless absolutely necessary.

What, then, is a girl to do?

I could be responsible and attempt to work on Thesis, which I have yet to do on this vacation. I could sit down with Photoshop and the cast pictures I took of the kiddos and get to editing, since I promised I'd have them ready by, oh, tomorrow.

Or, I could attempt the ultimate act of insanity and attempt to finish my NaNo Novel.

True, I've already crept across the 50K finish line, but it kinda bugs me that the story itself isn't complete. Judging by the length of the rest of the novel, I could probably finish out the story arc in about 10K words, and since I average roughly 2K an hour, if I were to start now and break only for lunch, I could probably finish up before dinnertime.


Uh, yeah.

Am I gonna try it?

Bet your ass.

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