Monday, December 22, 2008

Yarn is My Life

Once I finish this cup of coffee and this blog post, I will be hopping in the shower, then packing myself up and heading off to the gynecologist (yay), and then to Penn Station to catch my train home for the holidays, where I swear, at some point, I will catch up with all of your lives. My reader is still below 100. Totally manageable.

In the mean time, I thought I'd give you a little insight into the mistress to who has recently claimed all (and I do mean all) of my free time.


3 half-finished Stegosauri, and 4 half-finished Penguins


Actually, they're a little more than half-finished.  Maybe three-quarters.  They just need to be stitched up and stuffed, and two of the penguins are getting little Santa hats--those will be going to my parents bearing IOU's.  The other two penguins go to children of friends, the three stegosauri go to other children of friends (and one child-of-cousin).  Once those are finished, I just need to knit an elephant (already on the needles) for BFF's daughter, and a brain slug for my cousin, and then... then...

Then I can knit these for myself :) This has pretty much nothing to do with the "Twilight" phenomenon and everything to do with beautiful, snuggly, warm mittens that will keep wrists as well as fingers warm (and look smashing with my fur coat!). I haven't seen the movie, and thus far I've only read the first book, but I totally fell in love with these when I saw them and simply must have them.

So as you can see, yarn has completely taken over my life.  This happens every now and then, usually somewhere around Christmas when I realize I am broke and therefore choose to wow my friends and family with thoughtful handmade gifts that are low in cost but crazy in time-commitment.  But I'm coming up the home stretch, and once I've finished this lunatic binge of production-oriented knitting, I'll be back to curling up with the needles while I watch TV, and will have plenty of time to blog and be blogged.  Or something like that.

Until then... bear with me.  And leave questions in the comments section!  So far only Hope has asked anything.  I know I'm an open book and all, but seriously, there's got to be something you want to know.

Come on.  There's very little I won't answer, so feel free to be creative.

Until then... Happy Holidays!  And safe travels to all of you who are off to visit family!


Princess of the Universe said...

Have you ever thought of doing a blog contest with a knitted...something as a prize?

Hope said...

WOW! I love those penguins. (And your floors) :)

Happy Holidays!

Z said...

Holy crap I'm impressed! Those are awesome!!!