Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Beer Bloggles

Gmail has this cute feature called Beer Goggles, which, when activated, will make you answer a series of math problems in a finite amount of time before you are able to send an email after a pre-designated hour.

In other words, it potentially prevents you from sending drunken emails you may later regret.

When I first heard about this, I thought it was amusing and witty, but not really necessary (my being far more likely to drunkenly text someone something embarrassing than email it).

However, I'm starting to wish that Blogger would implement a similar feature, which would keep me from writing ridiculous drunken posts like the one I wrote last night. I think--and I could be mistaken--that the point I was trying to make was that, on nights when I come home drunk and completely fail at everything I attempt to do (I dropped a bizza bagel face down in the oven, got cheese all over my oven mitts while trying to get it out and burnt my arm in the process, knocked over a vase of flowers, etc), my immediate thought is: I'm too old to still be doing this! (aka getting this drunk on a freakin' Wednesday).

I don't think the point was very eloquently made, last night OR right now, but I'm leaving last night's post up--everyone with a reader will see it anyway--as a reminder of why I just should NOT blog when intoxicated.

Like Nancy says... Just Say No.


Deutlich said...

beer bloggles would be grrreeat.

i've totally drunken posted before.


Princess of the Universe said...

1. I think blogger should have some sort of mood sensor too...are you too depressed to write something anyone wants to read? Put the keyboard down... (Le sigh, like MY last night).

2. I thought your drunken post was hilarious. You were maybe a bit too upset about the bagel...but still...


Anonymous said...

Haha I definitely agree with you!

So@24 said...

They should also put breathalyzers on cellphones.