Friday, January 2, 2009

Flying Busses?

So earlier today I was headed down to the post office--aka the Bane of My Existence--to pick up a package that I wasn't home to accept a few days ago, and since the MTA's website had temporarily removed the route map for my bus (I'm fairly certain that it's been "temporarily removed" since I moved into this apartment over a year ago... way to stay on top of things!)I popped onto HopStop to find the closest Limited Stop bus stop for the return trip.

The answer I found was rather confusing, as my return trip is Northbound, and the directions listed a stop that is on a One-Way, Southbound street.

Knowing that the bus isn't supposed to turn North again until Sheepshead Bay (which, for those of you who don't know Brooklyn, is WAY SOUTH from me) I checked the accompanying map*:


Ummm... unless there is a series of subterranean tunnels running under Bed Stuy, or the MTA has very recently developed a fleet of flying buses, I'm fairly certain that the above bus route is... ummm... I'm gonna go out on a limb and say impossible.

Not that it matters, being that, as happens every freaking time I go to the post office, I missed the return bus by a matter of seconds anyway and ended up walking home.

Too bad, a flying bus would have been something to see!

* Forgive the shoddy Photoshopping skills, but removing all the street names from that map got really tedious after awhile... though it was better than the alternative. I very nearly posted what was essentially a direct map to my house! Ooops!

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Elizabeth said...

Whoops! I've almost made mistakes like putting pictures in posts that would be a dead giveaway to which building is mine. Anyway, that's quite an error on Google's part--there are so many hilarious ones out there!