Saturday, January 31, 2009

Saturday Miscellany

I feel like ass. I am most definitely coming down with a cold and that is so not allowed to happen because THE STEELERS ARE PLAYING IN THE SUPERBOWL TOMORROW DAMNIT! And I must be able to cheer loudly and drink beer while they do so!!


It seems that the Social Butterfly Effect occurs chiefly in the sinuses. I was in Whole Foods this afternoon and picked up some homeopathic stuff by those guys who make That Stuff That Starts With An "O" That Nobody Can Pronounce. The "O" stuff is good for warding off the flu, so hopefully this sinus stuff does the trick.

In other news, I think I may be allowing myself to become somewhat smitten with The Contender.

Lovely A, I know you're humming the wedding march right now. Please stop it immediately. Thank you.

Anyhoodle, my walls are still a mile high and just as wide, and I'm sure a post will soon be forthcoming about how nice guys scare the bejeezus out of me, but for the time being... well... I was excessively late to his birthday gathering last night [Fucking MTA... -Ed.] to the point where everyone else had left by the time I finally got there sometime around 12:30am, and so we sat on the couch drinking wine and just chatting and, well, there may be just a little bit of smit hitting the fan.

And he is cute as hell.

We shall see.


Hope said...

I would never hum the wedding march. Is that all we get on The Contender? Need. More. Information. :)

P.S Haha, love the frog with the helmet.

the frog princess said...

That Wedding March comment was directed to the Lovely A, who practically has us married off already. Perhaps I should make that clearer in the post :)


K said...

I have it on good authority that A was not humming the wedding march. She was emailing an MP3 of it to your mom, along with a detailed write-up of the contender. ;)

Kass said...

Hope you're feeling better soon! I hate my sinuses.

amy said...

Ahaha! I did get all smiley when I read you were allowing yourself to get smitten. (It's the best feeling!) And, it's funny because I was going to say something about talking to your mom but K beat me to it. But you'll be proud to know I am not humming any wedding marches or talking to anyone's mother ... Yet! :)

On another note, your frog is too cute in that helmet. (Go Steelers. I guess.)