Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bloggers + Alcohol =

The night began simply enough, with a stupidly-crowded (or stupidity crowded, depending on your viewpoint) New York City bar, a hastily consumed beer, the requisite attempt to rally 10+ people to migrate to a new location, and the ever-fabulous (and, it must be said, positively smokin' hot) Deutlich.

Somewhere in the middle there was a shot of Yaegermeister, my complete inability to stop staring at Deutlich's fantastic cleavage, and sneaking into the Men's room when the line for the ladies was WAY too long.

And rounding it all out was public urination, rent-a-cops, walking home barefoot through a park, and Rice-a-Roni at 3:00am.

So here I am, remarkably only mildly hungover and seriously considering going to McDonalds with the $20 I have to my name until I get my wallet back from these two, in whose car I managed to leave it after getting us lost in a park.

I must say, this Frog was in need of some serious debauchery, and last night certainly fit the bill.

Can't wait to do it again!


Deutlich said...

dudette. I am so, so, so, so, SO GLAD I finally got to meet you!!!!!!

I mean. Seriously.

Thank you for helping to ensure my night was fucking AWESOME

and how the hell did I miss you taking a jaeger shot?!

the frog princess said...

Considering that you were sitting right next to me and I'm pretty sure I waved the glass at you... I'm not sure how you missed it either!

Then again, if I was drunk enough to actually consider taking a shot of Jaeger, I can only imagine how toasted you were ;)

Good times, my love... Good. Times.

Brian said...

Amazingly, I felt completely fine the next morning.

Lana said...

when i heard your credit cards were all maxed i told b we might as well just return it :)

and i'd also like to share a few things i learned from a froggy:
1. yager is good anywhere, anytime
2. rent-a-cops don't always want to arrest you
3. small coat + large bag = genius

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

"...public urination, rent-a-cops, walking home barefoot through a park, and Rice-a-Roni at 3:00am."

I'm pretty sure that was the text you sent me. You won that a lot.