Thursday, September 24, 2009


Out of curiosity, and to kill time during commercials while watching the Grey's Anatomy season premiere, I hauled out an old journal to do a little fact checking. Namely, to check the duration of the few "significant" relationships I've had since ending things with High School Boyfriend when I was 19.

The winner, English Ex, clocked in at just shy of two months--five weeks of which we spent on opposite sides of a little body of water commonly known as the Atlantic Ocean. It seemed longer, perhaps, due to the fact that we were friends for awhile before we made out after watching Labyrinth, but facts are facts.

I am 29 years old, and in the past decade, I have not had a "relationship" (I feel I must use the term loosely) that lasted even 2 months.

Can that possibly be normal?


Jess said...

I think so. Everyone's relationship history is different. And you've had a lot of experiences, you know? Even if they don't include relationships that lasted a long time. I mean, I had a boyfriend in high school for a year and a half and another in college for five months, but those were the only longer relationships I'd had before I met Torsten. If a relationship is longer it usually means you're very serious and often that means the relationship isn't going to end. So it only really has to happen once, you know?

Bridget said...

I am with Jess on this one. I thought about it and really, I have had one boyfriend in my life. The rest were 3 month flings or, uh, 2 and a half date flings. Eek!

Either way, I am determined to keep my chin up no matter what happens and to find a way to be happy no matter what my relationship status is. I hope you do too. :)

Therapeutic Ramblings said...

You are just good at the really short relationships. I'm not much better, my longest post-college relationship has been 2ish months.