Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Plot Thickens... No, Thins... No-- Oh F*** It.

My phone was on vibrate this morning, so I did not hear it ring. I received the following paraphrased voicemail from The Model.

Hey, I just figured out that this was your number. If I'd known it was you, I would have called you back. I was just looking at these texts from last week and thinking "Who is this random girl demanding dinner?"


A. I demanded nothing. That was probably meant to sound cute, but missed the mark by a foot or more.

B. He has called me, and actually responded to the first text I sent last week by saying he'd been "missing me"... Does he respond that way to every text he gets from an apparently unknown number?

I sent him a text from rehearsal this morning to ask how he'd managed to lose my number after the above incidents, but--shockingly!--did not get a response. I called him later when I got back to my neighborhood after rehearsal and got his voicemail.

Methinks I smell one hell of a game being played here.

The jury is still out at the moment, because, yes, he is good-looking enough for me to consider giving him a shot at redemption if he ever actually fucking calls me... but I have a feeling that, thanks to those good looks, he's used to not having to work too hard (or at all) to maintain a girl's attention, and that sort of shit absolutely will not fly in my house.

One thing is for certain... if he's looking to lower my defenses, he's certainly going about it the wrong way.


Bridget said...

Ugh. Boys (not men - men don't play these games) like him make me want to avoid dating forever.

To the left, dude. You deserve much better than his ridiculous, transparent games.

wegrit said...
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wegrit said...

Pending some drastic change in his self-awareness, no matter how hot he might be, this guy should be out. You deserve way better than this. Call him on his shit, S., seriously! You're not some lovestruck 16-year-old and he's not some unattainable Don Juan...he shouldn't be acting like you collectively are. What a cock!

That said, if he calls and wants to hook up, I would be all for that. A girl needs ass and impossible cheekbones are DEFINITELY not something to be passed up when going for a short term thing.