Friday, August 17, 2007

Moving, part 1

Oh my god, I hate packing.  Suddenly I remember why I haven't moved in 4 years... because packing SUCKS.

That and my rent was really cheap.  And there are 4 flights of stairs between my stuff and the great outdoors.  At least this time I've hired movers.

I hear my roommate washing a dish.  $20 says it's one of mine (an easy bet, they're all mine) and now I'll have to figure out what box all the others are in so that it can join its kin.  *grumble*  Not like I didn't tell them days ago that I was moving out, yet still I had to wash everyone else's dirty dishes so that I could pack them.

Not only does moving suck, but being the only person moving out of an apartment while the others are staying is even worse, because all their stuff is in your way and you have to keep worrying that they've got something of yours stashed away in their rooms somewhere, and you don't want to appear mistrustful by asking more than once, even though that's exactly what you are.

It's okay.  I'll just sit back and relish the fact that when they wake up tomorrow they'll have no dishes, no microwave, and no internet.  (Can you tell that household relations have been less than friendly as of late?)

Maybe I'll go out for pizza.  All my food is packed and right now the thought of actually starting to pack my room is quite daunting.  Another hour of procrastination can't hurt that much... can it?

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