Sunday, August 26, 2007


Is a wet, naked woman eating Sun Chips directly from the bag considered hot?  I only ask because that's what anyone looking through my kitchen window a few minutes ago would have seen, and I like to maintain a rapport with my local peeping toms...

At any rate, I feel a certain level of accomplishment tonight.  A scant week after moving a whole 5-ish subway stops away from my neighborhood of 5 years, I ventured back to the old stomping grounds for drinks with friends, thus proving:

a.  one can maintain old friendships (and bad habits) after moving to a residence outside the "comfort zone";

b.  I am capable of walking the entire 1 1/2 blocks from the subway to my house--after midnight, while intoxicated--without being accosted or otherwise encumbered (unless you count the unexpected swarm of rats running from the trashcan to some unsuspecting individual's house, thus making me exceptionally grateful to be living on the 3rd floor);

and c.  that even riding on the most worthless train in all of New York City (feel free to make your guesses as to which train I mean) I still made it home before my friends!

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, it is certainly an evening to feel proud.

Or perhaps that's just the Yuengling talking.

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