Monday, August 27, 2007

Why has every preternaturally emaciated woman in New York moved to Williamsburg?

And why do they all insist on wearing those damned "skinny" jeans??!  This evening I ventured back to the old neighborhood to clear up a few things at the former apartment, and I saw a girl thus attired... and I swear my calf couldn't have fit into the thigh of her jeans!

Now don't get me wrong, I am small.  Not only am I short, but it is fairly common for me to find myself on the receiving end of the typical "Oh my god, you're so skinny, I hate you..." diatribe.

Before you hate me too, please note that said smallness also extends to my boobs.  And I do have cellulite.

That being clarified, I simply do not understand this craze of abominably thin women--women who would make Barbie feel bad about her waistline--insisting on accentuating their emaciation by wearing skin-sucking denim every freaking day.  Also, if your ass is concave, why accentuate that with pockets that go halfway down the back of your thigh?

Just because it's "fashion" doesn't mean you look good.  It makes me want to offer you a sandwich.

I know that the War on Fashion is as likely to be won as the War on Terror (or whatever we're calling it this week), but really ladies... Heroin Chic is dead.  As are most of the perpetrators of said fashion statement.  If you insist on continuing to attire yourself in such a manner, don't be surprised when the toothless crackhead on the corner starts offering you money.

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AERNYC said...

I think I've had this thought every single time I jump on the L to go to williamsburg to meet up with a friend of mine. Where do these people come from?! Really, they're a whole other little culture.

Came across your blog through Clink, like it! I just started mine too, plugging your secret blog can be a tough one. let me know if you come up with a good plan that works! :)