Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Radio Silence

Yes, I know, I've been MIA for awhile. I'll flatter myself that you missed me.

So this morning on my way to work, I actually got wolf-whistled by construction workers while walking down my street. Like any halfway decent looking girl in NYC, I've received plenty of cat calls and muttered sexual innuendoes, but never a genuine wolf whistle. I've got to admit that it made me grin a little bit. Mostly because I know I look hot today, and it was nice to be reassured. I've got a group presentation in my class this evening and even though I know we'll be fine, looking cute always gives me a little confidence boost.

Also, there is just maybe a little crush-in-the-making on one of the guys in my class. However, being that ever other guy in my program is gay, I'm not certain of this one's sexual preference. I figure if I can catch him checking out my ass in this skirt, maybe that will give a little indication of whether or not my fantasies would be better employed elsewhere.

Sneaky, right?

Let's see, other than that life has been pretty hectic lately. Yesterday I ran back and forth between 2 different buildings getting some paperwork signed for a 2 week intensive study abroad course I am dying to get into, only to turn in my application and learn that someone else filled the final spot that morning! Damnit! So I am #1 on the wait list. Watch, this will be the first year that nobody drops out.

Saturday I went to an engagement party for two very good friends of mine--also known as an "it's about fucking time!!" party. They've only been together for, oh, seven years or so. Wonder how long it will take them to get around to having the actual wedding? It will be an event worth waiting for, however, as these two throw the best parties of anyone I know--and this was certainly no exception!

The horrid former roommate was there, but I behaved myself. I merely had my quiet revenge for her recent shitty behavior by looking exceptionally skinny and having a great time. I know, I know, women are evil. But sometimes being evil is a lot of fun.

My bathroom is STILL not finished. They've re-tiled a portion of the wall, but still have to fill the areas that need tiles trimmed to size. Then grout. And they've cut out a piece of linoleum to cover the concrete floor (there go my hopes for a nice tiled floor... blast!), but they haven't glued it down yet. Also it was cut pretty damned poorly--there's a 1 inch gap that it looks like they plan on covering with an 8" wide strip--and you can feel all the lumps in the crappy concrete through the linoleum. Lovely.

And the medicine cabinet is still halfway between the toilet and the sink.

Honestly though, I just want it to be FINISHED already! I've been living in this place for a month, I would love to finish unpacking!

Bathroom griping aside, however, living alone has got to be the single most awesome thing EVER! I can walk around the house naked, leave dishes in the sink if I'm too tired to wash them at night, and when my cat starts crying outside my door at 4am, I can yell at her to shut up without worrying about waking up any roommates. I should have done this years ago.

On that note, it's back to work. Or back to school work masquerading as work, because right now I can't do anything until somebody else gives me the list I need... which I was supposed to have by the end of last week. And then by yesterday afternoon. I swear, deadlines mean nothing to these people.

Oh, and if any of you out there in cyber-land missed the season premiere of Heroes last night... SHAME ON YOU! So incredibly awesome there are not words to describe the awesomeness. That is all.

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Hope said...

I have downloaded it and am waiting for the weekend to watch it! So, shhhh, don't say anything!

But you say its good hey? Aaaa, I can't wait...!