Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Crushes are Fun

I might be totally deluding myself, but I think The Maybe Crush timed his exit from class so that we would walk out the door together tonight.

Wait. That might have been me.

Either way, we were walking mere inches apart, but as I searched for some topic with which to begin the witty banter that would have him utterly smitten I was waylayed by the girl I usually walk to the subway with. Unable to devise an excuse not to walk with her, I thus missed my chance to engage the attention of the gentleman in question.

However, one of the non-straight boys in my class told me I looked fantastic, so I can only hope that The Skirt worked.

Sidenote: Ladies, much like TLBD (The Little Black Dress), The Skirt is an item that every woman must own. It is the one skirt that is classy enough to be worn anywhere, but still makes you look smokin' hot. Difficult to find, but oh-so-worth the effort!

So my plan to actually get to talk to The Maybe Crush was foiled for the evening, but rest assured I am working on another. I get the feeling he's a shy one, so it will take every ounce of feminine skill I can muster (which isn't much--ladies, a little help?).

Everything short of simply asking him out myself, that is. My deep-seated fear of rejection won't allow it. If I put myself out there without enough evidence that my overtures would be welcomed, I just speed up my inevitable rejection and then I have to go find something else to distract me from the fact that The One That Got Away has a new girlfriend :P

[Sigh], most of my Exes love me. Is it so much to ask the same of a man who's not a total fuckwit?

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OC said...

If you can figure out how to use that feminine power (besides a cute skirt) - let me know! :)