Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday Schmursday

Work sucked today. The UPS man held the package containing the printouts I needed hostage until 3:30pm, even though they'd been on his truck since 6:00 this morning. So while I am supposed to leave work at 4:00, I stayed until 6:00 completing my project, and then had to rush off to class.

To console myself I stopped at Astor Wines to check out the 10 Under $10 rack, from which I selected a random Spanish red with a nice looking label, as well as a $5 bottle of bordeaux that was displayed near the check-out... which I am drinking right now. I gotta say, for a $5 wine it's not bad!

On the up-side of life, a girl in my class complimented my outfit and told me that I always look "effortlessly cute." Well, this came as quite a shock to me! While I personally have always enjoyed my ecclectic fashion sense, the public at large has not always been so accepting... Could it be that my taste in clothing has finally caught up with the mainstream idea of fashion? Or is it the other way around?

I'll leave you to ponder that. I, along with my reheated leftovers and my $5 bordeaux, are off to watch the DVR'ed season premiere of Grey's Anatomy.

Bottoms up!

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