Thursday, October 18, 2007

"indicators that a painfully shy man is falling in love with a woman"

That is one of the search terms that landed someone on my blog; and while I'd hardly call Maybe Crush "painfully shy," it still gave me a warm fuzzy feeling, like the cosmos was trying to tell me something...

Or that could just be my sleep-deprived brain. Last night I was a very Bad Frog.

As planned I met up with A for early drinks, both of us planning to catch up for awhile and then be home (and reasonably sober) by 10:00.


I should explain that A and I often make these types of plans, and very rarely do they come to fruition with the level of responsibility intended. In brief: we tend to get drunk together. Often.

That being said, in the course of our catching-up we started talking about blogs that we read (CB- Where are you?!?!) and I let slip that I have a "secret blog." She was, of course, intrigued, and eventually as the conversation wore on (and I got drunker) I caved and told her the name of my blog.

Her reaction?

"Oh my god, that's YOU?? I love that blog!"


Of course, now this means I can't say bad things about her, because she might be reading. Damn.

(I kid, I kid!)

But back to my being a very Bad Frog, just at the point in the evening when I should have been finishing up my last beer, saying farewell to A and our friend W who had also come by, and heading home... Drama (note the capital D) proceeded to ensue. And ensue. The result of which, which I still can't quite wrap my head around, was our being kicked out of the bar.

Say what now?

As briefly as possible: another girl, we'll call her Crazy--who, I didn't realize until halfway through the Drama, briefly dated/hooked-up-with W--decided to accuse A of saying some very unpleasant things that she certainly did not say. Accused her of saying them through the door of the single-occupancy bathroom. So apparently A has x-ray vision and can see through walls, because the insult included something about Crazy's outfit.

The kicker is that the last person at our table to go to the bathroom was me, and this girl was coming out as I went in and I told her I liked her outfit. After that, nobody from our table went inside. At all.

So A is in the backyard crying because she's been accused of saying awful things, I'm inside politely trying to explain to Crazy that there is no way my friend said anything to her, perhaps she was mistaken... but Crazy insisted it was A. (Gee, could it perhaps be because A is W's ex-girlfriend-come-bff and Crazy is jealous? Noooo... couldn't be...). So I'm trying to play peacemaker, I have not raised my voice, Crazy is the one yelling at me, and somehow *I* get kicked out of the bar?

I had never been kicked out of a bar before. I would have at least liked to have done something deserving of it. Hmmm... perhaps I'll tell people that I broke a barstool over Crazy's head first. That would at least make sense.

In the end, instead of going home like a Good Frog, I trooped off to another bar with A to help calm her down. Which is why I'm walking around in a daze. I had better snap out of it, however, as I have class AND rehearsal tonight.

And rehearsal means... Maybe Crush!

Thank you all for giving me license to babble about every detail of his behavior incessantly. Hopefully you won't regret it.

In the course of email conversation about the DVD he has now offered to loan me some CDs as well. Hmmm... perhaps if I can enmass enough of his personal property, I can ransom it for a date. Not exactly romantic, but desperate times...

I kid, of course.

But I'm totally going to check my email again to see if he wrote me back :)


Ashley said...

So i totally disappeared, i apologize for that!!

Oh man, i've witnessed a couple of those wonderful people like Crazy. I DEFINATELY think you should use the barstool over her head story to preface the getting kicked out of a bar. I've been kicked out of a bar once, for being too drunk. But i never left. And then was caught and REALLY made to leave. Oops O:-)

distracted spunk said...

Holy crap. A and W are bad influences, methinks. I think your analysis of why Crazy went crazy is very accurate and yay to you for being a good friend and trying to make sense of it all.

Samantha said...

Crazy story! No pun intended! Totally sucks you got kicked out. Happened to me one time at a bar when I was competely sober and I was carrying my drunk friend out and the bouncers tried to manhandle me. Uh, hello? Trying to leave your stupid bar! Yeah, I didn't like that so much and I made that known so I was blackballed. Good times!

Princess of the Universe said...

1. I think Samantha means "blacklisted."
2. I totally miss CB too.
3. I think you should WAY embellish the story about getting kicked out..much more fun.

Princess Pointful said...

I think we should in fact have a contest to come up with Froggy's kicked out of the bar experience. I'm sure we can come up with a delightful story, including a drink in the face and a break-dancing contest!