Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Strange Days...

I know it's only half over, but it's been a weird week.

I have been cast in two different shows... as a monster, and a Chinese guard in a Tibetan prison (note: I am not even remotely Asian). Neither are roles I would ever have envisioned for myself. Have I been sending out some sort of dark vibe lately?

The doctor's bill issue has been resolved. When nobody had returned my call by 12:00, I called them back. I don't really understand what the woman said, but it concluded with her telling me that the account has been closed and I don't owe them anything. "Then why the hell did you send me a f***ing BILL?!?" I wanted to shout. Then I thought the better of it and politely got off the phone before she could change her mind.

When I went out to get my lunch, I walked through a cloud of clove cigarette smoke. I love, love, LOVE that smell, and it always makes me particularly nostalgic as I smoked cloves like a fiend for my first 3 years in college (even though they were illegal in Maryland, so we had to go across the border to PA to buy them).

I was basking in the happy memories brought on by this scent as I stepped into the elevator... followed promptly by a man who smelled like my grandma's basement. That's a whole 'nother bucket 'o' nostalgia, and I must say I enjoyed the previous one much more.

(Not that there's anything wrong with my grandma. Or her basement. But the latter didn't smell all that great.)

On the giddy-girly end of the spectrum, after my email Maybe Crush did indeed bring the DVD for me, hooray! We also stood around after class smoking (what can I say? stress has a way of bringing back bad habits), and then walked together until I got to my train. It's not exactly a sunset stroll through the park (well, we did walk through a park, but it was already dark), but I can't help thinking that if he didn't want to talk to me, he could have parted ways outside the building. He didn't have to walk with me... right? Right?

Seriously, this crush is going to be the death of me. Please, let me know if y'all are sick of hearing about it. I know I'm a big dork :)

So that's why I was in a good mood when I got home--before the whole doctor's bill incident. To calm myself down I had a beer and watched the DVD. It was freaking awesome, so of course I emailed him about it. There have now been a few emails exchanged on the subject. Is it silly that I take this as a good sign?

Sorry kids, I'm seeking validation here. I haven't been this far in crush in a loooong time. I was despairing that there were any straight, single, attractive men even left in this city... of course I go off the deep end when I finally find one.

Le double sigh.

Am hopefully meeting my friend A for an early drink sometime this evening. I've been so busy between school and work that I haven't seen any of my "old" friends in nearly a month! With the evil paper finally over with, I figured I deserve a night off from school work. All work and no play makes Froggy a very dull girl.

Or at the very least, a cranky one.


Hope said...

I am no way tired of hearing about Maybe Crush. I'm just so excited for you because I loooove having a crush. And let me tell you, the smoking together, the walk, the email exchange--it all sounds veeeeery promising!

Cautious optimism. Cautious optimism. But oooo, I'm so excited!

Princess of the Universe said...

Don't you dare stop writing about maybe crush- I love hearing about it!

OC said...

You crack me up! I love reading about Maybe Crush because it makes me relieved that I'm not the only one out there analyzing and obsessing over a guys actions and nonactions!

I think I may be getting to the point where I'm tempted to just tell Mr. Crush, "Hey I think my blog readers are tired of hearing about me obsess over you... so lets clear this up - you want to get some dinner? I've got eager readers awaiting your reponse."

And then I realize that's not such a good idea. :)

distracted spunk said...

Yay for Maybe Crush! And e-mail exchanges are usually indicative of some interest - you still need to find out if it's friendly or more! Work that butt!

libby said...

hey thanks for stopping by! i like your writing - and i'll add you to my blogroll so i can read more! and yeah, i plan to check out more jane green fo sho!

Princess Pointful said...

I am the queen of overanalyzing, so of course I'm all about Maybe Crush!
And I think those are two very good signs, my dear.

Samantha said...

I love hearing about Maybe Crush! And yes I think it's good that he walked you to the train! :)