Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Maybe Baby...

So Friend of A added me on MySpace today. I accepted the add, as he is a nice guy, and while I shouldn't be a freak and immediately shut down all possibilities as I am wont to do (if I reject them first, they don't get a chance to reject me! haha! I win!!), I've also realized that, should he actually ask me out, I don't think I actually have time to see him.

With the way the coming month is shaping up between school and work commitments , I really wouldn't have time to date anyone who isn't in my program...

Which brings me to this afternoon's discovery. In addition to already being in two of my classes, the Maybe Crush has also made the cut for an outreach program we both auditioned for, so I will be seeing him for several more hours each week. I also learned that he is in the weekend class that starts next week as well. It seems that the stars are aligning perfectly in my favor... provided that he likes girls, of course.

I wonder what Susan Miller would have to say about this? After the rave reviews from several of the bloggers out there I checked out her September predictions for my sign. Sadly, they weren't really all that accurate. There were a few things I could stretch to fit my own situation (ie- "joint financial difficulties" could be viewed as the final resolution of bills, etc between myself and Evil Former Roommate, but that's pushing it). I tried to check October today but the site was down for maintenance. I think I'll give her another chance. I am far more charitable to my astrologers than I am to my men.

The problem with the Maybe Crush, serendipitous class schedules aside, is that I've determined he is either a.) painfully shy, or b.) a determined loner. It's going to be a tough shell to break through, but I did actually manage to engage him in a few minutes of conversation this evening.

Hey, it's a start. Because really, with the limited amount of time I will have to myself in the coming month or so (most of which will be devoted to homework and menial tasks such as laundry), if I'm looking for romance, it's gotta come from school.

And here I am in a program full of women and gay men. Perhaps I ought to consider switch-hitting, just to open up my options.

Nah, chicks are crazy. I should know, I'm one of them.

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Princess Pointful said...

Ah, yes. Attempts to have a life while going to grad school... a difficult chore for the best of us.
However, it will be nice to have a motivating crush to keep things spicy when monotony sets in!