Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Off-Hand Comment May Hold Some Truth: News at 11...

So yesterday I made a random commend about what Susan Miller might have to say about the apparent cosmic approval of the Maybe Crush, and lo and behold! It seems she approves!

After a bunch of business-related babble that I could struggle to apply to myself should I so choose to expend the energy, I reached the romance section of my horoscope and here's what I found:

This beautiful full moon on October 26 will fall in your house of true love, setting up a bewitching time for every Capricorn, no matter what your status.

Oh ho! This is promising indeed! But wait, it gets better...
If you are in college or taking classes in October, your new romantic interest may be someone you meet in the course of your studies.

Well now! If that doesn't qualify as cosmic encouragement, then I don't know what does!

It's time to get ready for work now. Methinks I shall have to spend a few extra moments deciding on the wardrobe for today, as Maybe Crush is in my class tonight.

Wish me luck!

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