Sunday, October 28, 2007


A few minutes ago I was straightening up and realized it would be a good idea to put my leftover pizza in the fridge. So I walk into the kitchen and... no pizza.

Hmmmm, this is odd... I thought. Where could it have gone?

I wandered back to the livingroom, thinking maybe I'd taken the box out with me while I was watching TV, but no. Not there.

I went back to the kitchen and looked on the floor because, you know, it's totally possible that I missed a huge blue pizza box featuring a picture of Spiderman lying on the floor of my tiny kitchen. But no, not there either.

By now I had become somewhat alarmed. Had a crazy cat burglar with questionable priorities crept into the apartment and passed over my laptop and digital camera in favor of two-thirds of a Papa John's pizza while I sat in the other room watching Gossip Girl, completely oblivious?

I pondered this possibility for several seconds before deeming it irrational. However, this still didn't change the fact that I was short one pizza.

Just as panic was about to set in, I remembered: I had put the box in the oven to keep the pizza warm in case I wanted more.


Shows you where my head is at.

Anyway, hello blogland! I'm back!

The past week has been positively crazy, what with work, SCHOOL, and the time required to create my kickass Halloween costume, I've barely had time to blink, let alone eat. Or sleep. Or blog.

It was, however, so totally worth it. At least on the Halloween front:

Oh yes, I am awesome.

And now, rather than re-hash the past several days in minute detail (because, let's face it, that would be boring), here are some highlights:

1. "The Death of Astroland" Halloween party in Red Hook, where the above photo was taken. Really cool venue with lots of fun Astroland style stuff added in. A paintball "Shoot the Freak" booth with cardboard representations of P-Diddy, Dr. Phil, Dane Cook, Jar Jar Binks, and the like, not to mention homemade ski-ball and a ball pit. Yes, a ball pit! Nothing like drunk adults in costumes surrounded by loads of plastic balls.

2. I lost my cell phone in the fucking ball pit. Yes, I'm an idiot. However, someone on the cleaning crew found it and my friend K forgot that I'd lost it and texted me, leading the person who found it to text him back. Because K is awesome (and has a motorcycle), he rode down to Red Hook and got my phone for me. I love my friends.

3. Friday Night was freaking awesome, but difficult to explain. Suffice it to say that it was Halloween fabulosity, and hopefully soon I will find some pictures on Flickr. There were lots of pictures.

4. I was out on the fire escape a few moments ago and I heard geese! I didn't know they migrated over NYC, but the sound made me happy and made me think of fall back home. I like geese.

5. Another 14 hours of class. Phew!! One more weekend and it's all over. Part of our final days is a group project, and Maybe Crush is in my group, woohoo! I do fear, however, that I might be slipping into the "Friend Zone" (oh yes, it's not only the men who can land there...), especially considering that one of the girls in my group made the comment "aw, it's so cute, you two are totally BFF." Not that being friends would be a bad thing, per se. He is totally awesome, which is a quality I prize in my friends. But I know from experience that being insanely attracted to your male friends can cause a whole world of frustration.

6. I wonder how I would go about tracking down the cute artist boy who loved my costume at the party on Sat? Only talked to him for a few minutes and never caught his name, but he was a cutie.

7. This week's Grey's Anatomy? LOVE!!

8. Woke up at freaking 5:00AM on Friday (and left my house at 6:30AM) to attend an arts education conference up by Columbia. Oh yeah, and I'd only had 4 hours sleep. While some of my workshops were a bit dull, others were interesting and I met some good people. Not quite the networking extravaganza I'd expected, but then again I totally suck at networking anyway.

9. Shit, I really should journal from this weekend's classes. Oh, wait, that's not a highlight... ummm...

10. Pinkberry. I finally caved and tried it... and I'm thinking there may be something to Maybe Crush's assertion that they lace that stuff with crack (he refuses to try it) because it is AWESOME.

11. Airborne. Aside from helping you avoid catching the office plague, I've discovered two more uses for this carbonated wonder. First, it's a great pick-me-up if you find yourself dragging in the middle of the day. Like, say, falling asleep during a workshop at an Arts Ed conference after only 4 hours sleep... for example. All those vitamins give you a nice little boost. Second, it's good for hangovers (and tastes way better than Alka-Seltzer).

12. Superkitty caught another mouse! I'm just glad I felt inclined to glance under the diningroom table or it might have started to smell.

13. Candy Corn. A big fat bag of it sitting on my coffee table. I heart candy corn.

14. Sleep. Possibly accompanied by more dreams about Maybe Crush (who has been making appearances in my unconscious hours with increasing frequency), though at this juncture I would settle for 8 hours uninterrupted by a whining kitty.

After the week I've had, I really don't think that's asking too much. Whaddaya say Universe? Help a girl out?


OC said...

#6 - It never worked for me but you could try craigslist missed connections...

#7 - ditto.

#11 - I agree - the stuff works. But I can't stand the taste. What flavor are you drinking???


#14 - Sleep? What's that like? And people appearing in them? Check. Got that one.

Enjoy the pizza.

Princess Pointful said...

I would totally panic about the pizza... as though a burglar really is the most obvious solution.
And, hi, you have hot hair!!