Tuesday, October 23, 2007

*Warm Fuzzies*

Awww.... y'all are such lovely blogfriends. Thanks for the words of support as I've been all inexplicably morose for the past few days.

I am feeling much more upbeat today for numerous reasons. I will start with those that are non crush-related.

First off, I learned today that I definitely got into the 2 week Winter session course that I wanted to take... IN UGANDA!! It is an amazing opportunity and I'll get to check off another continent from my "I will set foot on every continent before I die, yes even Antarctica" list. I've been saving my pennies since I applied, now I just get to figure out the mechanics of saving the remaining $900 or so of the insanely expensive airfare.

Next, I looked hot today. Tuesday is one of the few days that I don't have to get dirty or run around in class, so it's the day I wear my Cute Clothes. Thank you H&M, today you made me look fabulous.

Also, I got the dreaded research paper back, aaaaand.... I got an A! Woohoo! Perfectionism totally paid off.

Okay, and on the Maybe Crush front... Of course I saw him today (because there's only one class we don't have together, which I saw him before he went into because I am usually sitting in the lobby of that building doing homework at the last minute) and the signs were promising.

He apologized that he keeps forgetting to bring the CDs, but said he got my email. There may or may not have been a glint in his eye when he said it.

Our class has been doing group presentations throughout the semester and his group presented today. As part of the presentation he did a monologue excerpted from one of our readings and *damn* was it good!! Good acting is such a turn-on for me... he's up there spewing misogyny and all I wanted to do was pounce on him. Yum.

Twice during class I caught him looking at me when somebody said something ridiculous, at which point we shared a knowing and/or bemused look across the room. (Note: he was looking at me!)

Aaaand finally we walked to the train together as usual. There may or may not have been a few seconds of tension before we said goodbye--I am totally willing to chalk that one up to my imagination.

So there you have it, giddy Froggy is back.

I do think you ladies have a point--that perhaps my seeing him ALL THE TIME and therefore having no time for other crushes is making this one crazier than usual. It's possible. Then I consider how long it's been since I've met any crushworthy man. Large though it may be, there is a dearth of attractive, eligible, single men in NYC. Therefore the possibility of my finding another crush--even if I did have time--is fairly slim.

Hey, you never know... it could go both ways! Perhaps seeing me all the time will have the same effect on him...

Come on, a gal can dream, right? :)

For now I am playing the game, as much as I hate to do it. History has shown that when I make the first move it never goes well (or I get some action and then never hear from them again). I will wait for him to make the first move even if it kills me.


Samantha said...

I think you should proceed with Maybe Crush exactly as you are, because it seems to be progressing just fine.

Congrats on the A!

Princess Pointful said...

Samantha is right... I've certainly noticed a serious increase in signs of interest since I've been reading!

And Uganda?!?! That is so damn exciting!! What exactly is this course, where will you be staying, what will you be doing, will you have a chance to see much of the country, etc, etc, etc.

Princess of the Universe said...

Ugnada! How cool is that!

And I agree with ...well everyone- interest has DEFINITELY increased.

libby said...

i'm SURE he'll come around - woo keep us posted, i live vicariously through others :P

Hope said...

I agree. Be patient and wait for him to make the first move. (It all sounds veeeery promising!)

Eek! Uganda! Very cool!

Ashley said...

It sounds verrryyy promising!! I agree with everyone else, the interest does appear to be rising :-)

Congrats on Uganda! That is freaking amazing!! Is there room in your suitcase? :-)