Saturday, October 20, 2007

Top Five

Right now I really should be journaling today's 8 hour class and doing reading for tomorrow's 6 hour installment; but after class I went out to dinner with my friend K and her fiancé, and now I am totally stuffed and all the blood has drained from my head to my stomach (hey, it's scientific fact, I swear!), so here are the top five things I would rather be doing, in order from least plausible to most plausible:

1. Sipping a glass of red wine in the Piazza San Marco in Venice.
2. Sleeping--without an alarm set to wake me up.
3. Curling up on the couch with Maybe Crush, a bottle of Irish whiskey, and a movie.
4. Curling up on the couch with my kitty and a good book.
5. Blogging to you, oh few but faithful readers. (Awww....)

Obviously #5 is more than plausible, it's happening. I fully believe in setting at least one obtainable goal. And as expected--being that we spent another 8 hours together today--here is your daily Maybe Crush update/behavioral analysis.

There was much eye contact and smiling throughout class today. And at least once I wasn't the initiator--at least, I don't think so. I spend so much time surreptitiously looking at him that it's difficult to tell.

He, like me, packed his lunch today, so we hung out during the lunch break. There were other folks around of course, but he finished eating before I did, yet--without saying anything--waited until I was done and we went downstairs to smoke together.

After class he made it down to the street before I did, but when I got there he was standing outside by the doors rolling a cigarette. Is it possible he was waiting for me? Or is that wishful thinking? Either way we walked to the train together and chatted outside while we both finished smoking. Then he went home and I went off to meet K.

He forgot to bring the CDs for me, but at least remembered that he'd said he would--so it's a 50/50.

And that's what I've got. I think it's pretty good :)

Does this mean I have to go do homework now? Damn. Overstuffedness aside, I am totally braindead. I went to bed fairly early last night, but I had the freaking weirdest dreams, making my sleep sporadic and restless. Check it out:

At first the dream involved fortifying a small town (where I lived in the dream) against what were essentially the evil Transformers. WTF? Then it phased from being the Transformers to just some variety of "bad guys."

And there was a beach.

And we were chopping down a tree??

And I kept chasing my cat around trying to get her away from the bad guys--like she'd understand me when I kept telling her to go hide and wait for me, because of course we were planning some sort of escape.

I also kept switching between different characters--one of which was more or less me, and the other who I think was supposed to be the Shia LeBouf character from the Transformers movie (which I've never freaking seen!!)--and his name was Lance but spelled in some really ridiculous way that didn't even contain the same letters, let alone look like it should be pronounced "Lance"...

And there you have it. I am totally insane.

But I still got to walk to the subway with my crush after class, so who knows? Maybe insane looks good on me.


Princess of the Universe said...

I think it's all looking very promising.
I really have to go see that Transformers movie...

OC said...

Your Maybe Crush daily updates always let me feel a little bit less crazy. :)

Princess Pointful said...

He loves you!
That's my professional opinion.

Glad I can help you reach your ever so important dreams :)