Sunday, October 21, 2007

F'ing iPhone

So exactly how many television networks has Apple bought out?

I was catching up on my DVR this evening, and as I was watching Moonlight I noticed that several characters had iPhones. I also noticed the same thing in the one episode of Journeyman that I watched. I mean, I guess it's no different than watching everyone drink from giant Coca Cola glasses on American Idol, but still... it seems that product placement is becoming as obtrusive as advertising.

I'd be more eloquent on the fact, but after spending a total of 14 hours in class over the past two days, I think my brain has reached its capacity for processing intellectual thought.

So what say you readers? Just how many TV iPhone spottings have there been?

As for your daily Maybe Crush update... *sigh*. The more time I spend with this boy, the more I like him. My cynical self is totally convinced that it will all end in tears and disappointment as usual, but I can't help hoping. A few moments ago while smoking on the fire escape I almost wished on a star... then I realized it was a plane. Damnit. That's one thing about NYC... I miss stars.

However, I did send him an email this evening. I asked him to bring those CDs he offered, and then threw in something like "maybe I'll even offer to buy you a drink sometime for your trouble." Vague, I know, but honestly I'm terrified of being any more direct than that.

We're about to enter the "sphere of influence" of that full moon that supposedly will bring about positive occurrences in my love life. Is it odd that I base my hope more on my horoscope than on actual fact? I guess that's because if it doesn't go my way, I can always say "well it was just a stupid horoscope" as opposed to "it was just my poor judgment."

Like I said... all ends in tears...

Anyway, that's the prognosis for the evening. Sorry so grim, I think I'm just tired.

So, self-preservation and hope. Can the two really co-exist?

I hope so.


Samantha said...

I think the way you threw that out in the email was just right. Give him a chance to respond. Don't be discouraged!

Hope said...

You know, I think exactly LIKE you! Charming (of Charming but Single) said it best a couple of months ago.."Hope in my heart, cynicism in my step."

Maybe, that's the ideal recipe for self-preservation?

OC said...

Oooh good email. I'm intrigued to find out his response - keep us posted. And if it worked... I might steal the idea... :)

Princess Pointful said...

I think the two can co-exist, as long as one is not in the extreme. Realistic hope, if you will...

distracted spunk said...

"A few moments ago while smoking on the fire escape I almost wished on a star... then I realized it was a plane. Damnit." Hah, so true.

It's hard to be optimistic when it only can lead to one of two places.

libby said...

i'm always terrified of being too direct in the fear that i'll be seen as 'coming on too strong'.

i hope this goes well for you!!