Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Say What Now?

Greetings from my desk.

Yes, I know that technically I should be doing, oh, maybe, work while I'm at work; but the only task I currently have on my plate is that of sealing approximately 357 large envelopes. So I thought I would burn myself out on other activities before tackling a chore that requires roughly the intellectual capacity of a brine shrimp.

So I've been doing research. And just for the record, JSTOR? I heart you.

Let it be known that for the whole of this semester of Most Hated Class, Theory has been kicking my ass. No, not one particular theory. Just Theory. In general. And today I found a stunning example of why.

You all know Feminism, right? Of course you do, being the kick-ass women that most of you are. Not to say that there are any non-kickass women among you, just that at least one of you happens to be a man; though I suppose even he could be a kickass woman if he wanted to. Queer Theory says so. Ugh, damnit, there I go again. If I say "Critical Pegagogy" just smack me.

But I digress.

So we've established that we are all aware that Feminism exists, yes? And somewhere in the course of our lives, we've probably all heard mention of Radical Feminists. Now, I always thought that simply meant the Feminists who took things to the extreme, hence the "radical" bit. But no, as I recently learned, that is actually a defined form of Feminism, and varies significantly from, say, Liberal Feminism, Ecofeminism, Individualist Feminism, Black Feminism, Socialist Feminism, Marxist Feminism, Post-structural, Postmodern, or simply Postfeminism... (thank you Wikipedia). Not to mention Corporeal Feminism and Evangelical Feminism which were the two I encountered in my research that caused me to mutter "are you fucking kidding??" to the unseen author, and hence spawned this little diatribe.

In conclusion: Theory, stop being so damned complex. You occassionally (okay, okay, frequently) make me feel stupid, when I know damned well that I'm not. Stupid people don't get Master's degrees at Resarch One institutions. So nyeh! *sticks out tongue*

But apparently immature people do.

Right. That is all.

Yes, I think I'm ready for those envelopes now...

* * * *

Addendum: Thanks to everyone who has responded to yesterday's post! Please, keep 'em coming! Tell your friends! And please feel free to leave your response in an anonymous comment if you don't want your identity attached.

1 comment:

Princess Pointful said...

Haha, love it!
I need to be in the right mood to process theory, though sometimes it is utterly fascinating.
However, as you so delightfully display, half the theorists out there seem to just want to make a name for themselves, hence the need to branch out and make a "new" theory.