Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Homework... for you!

This, my bloggy friends, is a cry for help.

No, not in the Look At Me I'm Drinking Too Much/Doing Drugs/Wasting Away/Making Poor Decisions/Oh My God I'm Such A Disaster sense...

More in the My Reasearch Project Is Kicking My Ass And My Inner Perfectionist Is Screaming That I Need More Information To Do This Properly sense!

So, my dear readers, this is what I ask of you (and any other female you care to forward this post to--yes, sorry boys, for the time being this is women-only).

Choose five words (less if you so desire, but no more than five) that you would use to describe your body.


Choose five (or less) words that you would use to describe your relationship with your body.

(Overacheivers and bored bloggers feel free to do both!)

You can post your response in a comment, or if you prefer to do it privately you can email it to das-frog@optonline.net. Absolutely no real names will be used (for you non-anonymous bloggers out there), but by responding you do give me license to use your words in my project--which involves the writing of a script which may eventually be performed. In front of people. Scary. (For me, not for you).

Don't worry if your choices are the same as or similar to someone else's--there are no points for originality, just honesty.

Note to any and all lurkers out there: Now would be an excellent time to de-lurk! :)

There may be a follow-up assignment a few days down the line for those of you inclined to lengthier descriptions/discussions, but for the time being this little bit of help would be Oh So Very Much Appreciated!

I've got to admit that I feel sort of cheap, whoring my blog for research like this. Which is why I'm not going to pester you to link to this post in your own blogs. I'm not that tawdry. (See what I did there? See that? Damn, my ex-roommate is right, I am Passive Aggressive...)

I hope this doesn't change your opinion of me dear friends. I promise the blog will be back to business as usual just as soon as The Project From Hell releases its death grip on my soul.

And at Princess of the Universe's request, yes, I will be happy to share the fruits of my labor with you all when I have finished. I'll spare you the boring bits (bids for future research, etc.), but will be happy to share what portions of the script I manage to complete! And my reading list, which is actually pretty kick-ass.

A Big Bloggy THANK YOU in advance for, well, saving my butt. :)


Hope said...

As a former student who had to find over 200 people to fill out a questionnaire once upon a time, I will of course do this.

Expect an email from me and yes! Definitely want to see the end product!

Good luck and as the Greeks say (but doesn't translate very nicely into English)


Stephanie said...

An email from me is coming your way! Good luck and I want to hear the results too - should be very interesting!

Samantha said...

I will do this tonight when I get home from work.

Anonymous said...

5 words to describe relationship with body: tortured, scarred, humiliated, angry, and powerful

Anonymous said...

Posting anonymously is a good idea!

My body- beautiful, ugly, hedonistic, soft, giving.