Monday, November 26, 2007

Vacation? Well, that's debatable...

Just a quick-ish one today to let you all know that, no, I have not been in a Turkey Coma for the past 4 days. But my life? SO not my own right now. So here's the holiday recap:

The Friday after Turkey Day was lovely. I had breakfast with my Girls, where there was much exchanging of gossip and exclaiming over babies and toddlers and bellies. The BFF is ready to pop with baby #2 any day now, and her daughter is getting SOOOO big. And feisty! I really wish I could see them more than a few times a year. However, when I'm back for Christmas the new baby should be here (and his name? perfect!), so I'll get to see him while he's still itty-bitty.

Also on Friday was the much-anticipated visit to the llama farm! Now, I know that most of you here in blogland squee over friends and engagements and cute little babies, but me? I squee over llamas. It's a little weird, yes, but photos of our wooly friends are forthcoming. And I got an eskimo kiss from a llama! That really may have been the single cutest experience of my life. I also got some handspun yarn, so I can knit myself a llama scarf.

Saturday we drove up to Bumblefuck for my cousin's wedding. I worked on school work the whole way there and back, and still wasn't finished with my stupid journal! However the wedding was nice, the bride is adorable, and there was plenty of food and booze at the reception. It was good to finally see that side of the family again, even if everyone was flustered with wedding business. One of my cousins now has five children. FIVE! They are all adorable though, and the newest--a four month old boy--is beyond all doubt the cutest baby I have ever seen, bar none! (Just don't tell any of the Girls that I said so!).

Sunday we drove back to the parents' house, and shortly thereafter it was time to take me to the train station--replete with an extra heavy suitcase full of stuff I was lugging back to NYC. Ran into an old friend from high school (who also lives in Brooklyn these days) while waiting for the train, so he and I ended up sitting together and catching up on the way back to the city--which totally foiled my plans to get work done on the way, but I think my brain needed a break anyway.

I got back to my apartment a little after 9:30 and much to my amazement my cat did not seem at all upset with me for leaving her for 4 days, nor had she expressed any liquid displeasure on any of the furniture! It's a miracle! And so I unpacked and immediately sat down to do more work, and finally finished my journal around midnight and went to bed.

And got up this morning and came to work.

I think I need a vacation from my vacation.

Or just my life.

Journal #1 is done, but I still have an obscene amount of work to accomplish in the next 2 weeks, hence the whole my-life-is-not-my-own syndrome in which I am currently ensconced. The GINORMOUS research project is due one week from today, and have I conducted a single interview? Oh, that would be... umm... NO. However I do have my first one scheduled for tonight.

My project is on women and body image (and idea that actually stemmed from this post and all of the positive responses it garnered--thanks guys!), and so A has agreed to be my guinea pig, er, first interview subject. While I'm glad that my first interview will be with someone with whom I am totally comfortable (and who can tell me if my questions suck), it also means that I will get NO work done once the interview is over, as I'm sure we'll end up chatting away for the remainder of the evening.

Good for my sanity, bad for my workload.

I need a cookie.


Stephanie said...

"Liquid displeasure". That is why I do not like cats. :)

Princess of the Universe said...

Will you let us read the body image project when you're done?

libby said...

mmm...cookie... i could use one myself!! haha. and five kids! wow! that a huge family by today's standards! glad you had a great weekend!

Princess Pointful said...

You in fact need a llama shaped cookie.

Good study vibes coming your way!!