Tuesday, December 4, 2007

I gotta tell ya, there's nothing quite like a sex dream where you Just. Can't. Get Off. to start the morning off on the wrong foot. I mean, come on! It's bad enough being sexually frustrated in real life... must my subconscious get in on the game as well?

And now here I am, somehow losing 10 minutes in the middle of the morning making me once again late for work (seriously, I haven't stepped out of that elevator on time in well over a month), or getting down a flight and a half of stairs before realizing I left something important in my apartment, and then dancing up and down at the top of the final flight, deciding whether or not it's really important enough to go back upstairs.

Ever try to walk through a subway turnstile without swiping your card?

Yeah, did that too. And stood there, surprised and confused, for several moments after the metal bar smacked me in the pelvis and jarred me back into myself. What was going on? Where was I? Why wasn't the bar turning? Oh, right, the subway isn't free. Dumbass.

I also completely lost track of where I was while on the first leg of my subway journey. Fortunately what felt like several hours was only 2 stops, and I did not end up in Queens.

In light of such an inauspicious start to the day, however, I find myself in a remarkably cheery mood.

First and foremost, as of 4:15 yesterday afternoon, The Research Project From Hell is officially out of my hands and into my professor's! Or, at least, into his mailbox. The only massive project that remains for this semester is all hands-on, artsy craftsy stuff. And while there is quite a good bit of it to do, it never quite feels like work

Also, I stepped out a few minutes ago to drop 300 or so envelopes into local mailboxes and there were flurries! Flurries, people!

I love flurries, because they incite all the giddy, childlike excitement of snow, without turning the sidewalks into a treacherous war zone, or lying in the gutters turning to frosty black slush.

And now, a question (because really, my brain is ALL over the place today): does that KFC commercial with the blonde mom checking off items on a mile long list make anyone else feel incredibly stressed out? Every time I see it my whole body tenses up and I get super-edgy. What's up with that?

Oh, and just for the record: SciFi Channel miniseries "Tin Man"? Oh-so-freaking-awesome. As far as mini-series go anyway. Check it out.

Right, that's it.



Hope said...

I heart you. That was the cutest post.

And yes! Sex dreams without the finale are terrible.

Samantha said...

TIN MAN IS SO AWESOME. I know the reviews sucked but my mom and I loved it! Last night we watched the first and second parts back to back and we are watching part 3 the second we both get home from work tonight. SOOOOO glad someone else out there likes it as much as we do!

Owie on the metal subway bar smacking you in the pelvis!

Stephanie said...

Walking full speed ahead into the subway turnstiles? HURTS. I feel your pain!