Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Oh, the weather outside is frightful...

Actually, it's not. Chilly, perhaps, but hardly frightful.

But ever since yesterday evening I have been filled with an incredible desire to listen to Christmas music. I blame Yes I'll Have Another over at Dignity Lost for the fact that "Jingle Bell Rock" has been running through my head since I woke up this morning, but I've been kicking myself for not taking my mom up on the offer of ripping some of her Christmas CDs to mp3 while I was home for Thanksgiving. And now Barbie's getting in on the action as well!

What it boils down to is that the Christmas Spirit? I'm feelin' it.

And I'm so very glad. Because last year? Not so much.

Sure, I was excited to go home and see friends and family, and I was knitting up a storm of personalized gifts. I put up my traditional itty-bitty tree (I am so Charlie Brown with my Christmas trees) and the apartment smelled like pine, but even so... I just wasn't feeling it. That special electricity that says "Get Ready! There's magic just around the corner!"

I traveled to PA, we did the Christmas Eve thing, I woke up Christmas morning and we drank coffee spiked with Bailey's and opened our gifts, but somehow the magic just wasn't there. And that made me sad. Was I just getting old? Would it always be like this?

Thankfully, it appears that the answer is... NO! Because this year the Christmas Spirit is back, and it's kicking ass and taking names all across the five boroughs. It all started when I ran into my my landlady and her little brother putting up lights on our railings (I think I'm going to do my windows this year!). Then there was the incident in Trader Joe's yesterday where, rather than irritate me as it generally does, the constant stream of Christmas music had me smiling and humming along. I'll be home for Christmas? Bet your ass I will!

And then the crowning glory, the moment when I realized that it would take the Jaws of Life to pry me from the grip of holiday cheer... last night I turned on the TV for background noise as I cast my hands in plaster bandage (explanation and silly photos to follow at a later date), and there is was... "Rudolph In the Land of Misfit Toys," narrated by Burl Ives, with that ridiculous Snow Monster and the elf who wants to be a dentist...

And I actually watched it.

And smiled.

And sang along with "Have a Holly Jolly Christmas" at the end.

My friends, I am down for the count.

And so on Sunday, come hell or high water (or raging hangover, which is more likely to be the case as I have parties to attend on both Friday AND Saturday--rock star that I am), I am going over to Home Depot to get a Christmas Tree! And probably a tree stand as well, as I think my old one was tossed in the move.

However, here's the question:

Technically, my apartment is actually big enough for a *real* (read: full-sized) Christmas Tree this year (though I'm not so certain about my staircase). But... do I want to deal with having to haul a full-sized tree back down to the sidewalk at the beginning of January while also packing for Uganda, prepping instructions for a temp at work, and cleaning house for the lovely A who has agreed to house/cat sit for the two weeks I am gone? Also, this would require at least one evening dedicated to the making of enough new ornaments to cover said tree. (Handmade ornaments only please! Eat your heart out Martha Stewart).

What do you think, readers? Should I go all out, or Charlie Brown it up as usual?

I also need to find time to go to Century 21, because while the funds are limited for Christmas this year (thank you $1700 plane ticket to Uganda) I've made a decision. The parents are getting cashmere. If they're only getting one gift, I'm gonna make it count.

And I need to hit the garment district so I can begin mass-production of child-sized christmas outfits for all of my friends who have kids. Damn, why did they all have to reproduce at once?

See... this? This is why that stupic KFC commercial stresses me out.

It's okay. I'll just be in the corner, singing quietly to myself...

Oh there's no place like home for the ho-li-days...
For no matter how far away you roam.
If you want to be happy in a million ways,
For the ho-li-days you can't beat Home Sweet Home!


ana said...

Just happened upon you through lovely Lisa.Glad to have found new people to stalk in the blog world.

Yes christmas spirit is definitely high this year, isn't it wonderful, I find myself humming sleigh ride in between scavenging the aisles for decorations....

OC said...

I found myself singing Feliz Navidad wandering through the grocery store today. Of course, the music they were playing was along the lines of Silver Bells, but since when am I with it?

My tree is fake and it's so much easier. Given the Uganda thing (and speaking of, what Uganda thing?!), I'd say for this year, take the easy road. But take pics either way. :)

Lisa said...

Well, being that we have pines here (except for the cold areas way, way up north), we always have a plastic tree up. A small one that only comes up to my waist. Sigh. I could just be being bitter but trees schmees. :D

Princess Pointful said...

I like Charlie Brown trees.
It's a weird pity slash admiration thing.
Yay holiday spirit!