Saturday, December 8, 2007

In Brief

Just a quick update, as I just got home from Slater's place a few minutes ago, and I need to eat, clean myself up, and head out to Party #2.

So, The Girlfriend was actually quite nice. We got on just fine, and at one point I think B got uncomfortable at just how well we were getting on--we had just discovered a random mutual friend in one of those "wow! small world!" moments and were squealing over it as us girls are prone to do--and he got up and left the room.

For the most part, however, things were fine. There were a few moments where she got cutesy with him and I kinda wanted to kick her (though to be fair, it looked kinda like he did too), but in our little post-mortem Slater's take on that was "yeah, but she could tell that he's attracted to you..."

Thanks, not quite what I needed to hear, you know, in the spirit of being "over it." Which clearly I am. Totally.

So that's it really. I had a blast, and took the first bong hit (okay, okay, three bong hits) in a verrrrry long time. Fortunately that was when it was just down to me and Slater in our pajamas somewhere around 3am. God only knows what I babbled on about after that. Slept on his couch until noonish, had coffee, watched a few episodes of Ab Fab, and discussed the predilection for being a "top" or a "bottom" in the gay male sex universe.

All in all, an excellent (and informative) afternoon. At the very least, some interesting new terminology has been added to my vocabulary.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Perhaps me and my hangover will drop in tomorrow to update y'all further.


Lisa said...

I'm loving the part where he looked like he wanted to kick her. Also, a discussion about sexual dominance in gayland while hungover? My kind of Saturday. More or less.

Princess Pointful said...

You probably won him over even more with your sweet nature ;).
But you're still prettier, right?
(yeah, I regress to 10th grade sometimes)

Hope said...

"She could tell that he's attracted to you?"

That sentence alone would have made me completely un-over it...

Just sayin'. :)