Monday, December 10, 2007

In Brief, Take Two

Just a quick one kids, as I've got school work to do!

So really, I've been trying, trying, trying to just put this whole B thing behind me and be done with it. I mean, I met The Girlfriend for fuck sake! If anything, that ought to have put the final nail in the coffin of my fantasy life. And yet...

And yet.

There is not another man I know who smiles at me that way. Seriously, it's pure evil.

Because what it appears to say is nothing that should be said by a man with a fucking girlfriend.

Nor should it be anything I want to hear from a man with a girlfriend. But I can't help myself.

Oh, and there was this email:

"...I take it you slept on [Slater's] couch. Part of me wanted to just tip over there and sleep, but given the circumstances I kind of had to leave. I guess it was best that way though. I made it home at least."

"given the circumstances"?? "guess it was best"?? Is the above as rife with subtext as I think it is, or has the end of the semester just pushed me completely off the deep end?

The above, plus what Slater said (that whole "she can tell he's attracted to you" thing), plus that motherfucking smile of his leads me to believe that, as per the usual, my personal life is just totally fucked up. And being that I am very clearly failing at being "over it," it will probably only get worse.

What do you think readers? Clearly, I need some perspective.


Stephanie said...

"given the circumstances" = "because my girlfriend was there"

As in, if his girlfriend weren't there, he would've come to Slater's.

Gorgeous as his smile is, he doesn't exactly seem like the honest, trustworthy type.

OC said...

I hate to say it, but I agree with Stephanie... the subtext is totally there - you're not making it up... but he does have a girlfriend. That you have met and know about. The looks? Okay. The flirting though? It's kinda pushing it... I know you can't top chemistry (oh believe me, I know!), but he is with her... and if he was with you, how would you feel knowing he was acting like that with someone else?

the frog princess said...

You are both absolutely correct.

I am frustrated with him for making my life confusing, and frustrated with myself for not being able to shut down my attraction to him.

I know, KNOW, that it is bad. And I have absolutely NO intentions of acting on it. Which really just makes it even more frustrating.

Blech. Boys are Dumb.

Samantha said...

I totally agree with the above 2 commenters. You are not making up subtext and frankly if he's making statements like that to you then he should break up with his girlfriend. Shit or get off the pot.

ana said...

I have to go with the crowd. Although
if I were in your shoes, i know my heart would have slipped and skipped over...(if his smile indeed is all that)...and I would have probably given into indulgence, but that's me, I never learn, not when heart's hung over someone. But I also know, he is dishonest and untrustworthy. You really wanna indulge? Still? not worth it....

QueenBee said...

I feel like he's trying to string you along. Fact of the matter is that if he was completely happy with her, he wouldn't be acting this way towards you. And he IS acting a way towards you. That e-mail is dripping with hidden meaning.

I feel like he's trying to keep you 'warm' so if anything falls through with his girlfriend, he'll have a back up.

This aggravates me, as I know you're worth more than that.

libby said...

oooh "given the circumstances"

a) if i was the gf, i'd be PISSED he makes me sound like an obligation
b) if i were you? i think i'd be wary - that he's talking to you like this, smiling at you like this, when he's in a relationship...

Princess Pointful said...

Um, hello glaring underlying message!
I think the weirdest thing is that he brings out the big guns like this when you meet his girlfriend and actually like her-- it's as though he wants to backtrack and make sure you are still interested.