Saturday, December 29, 2007

In Pictures

Because a picture's worth a thousand words (and I'm really not feeling all that eloquent this evening), here are some images from my holiday.

The Advent Calendar I made for my cousin and her family.

At the beginning of the month...

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree...

And at the end.

So many ornaments to paint...

The Kitty (son of the Psycho Kitty waiting for me back in Brooklyn) had taken to napping under the tree. How could I resist?

Dad calls me Mr. Stinky

(yes, of course I submitted this to Stuff On My Cat... we'll see if he makes the cut!)

Of course, The World's Ugliest Christmas Gift had to be included.

Lafawnda!  Get yo' ass back heah wit mah jewelry!

Seriously Gramma... WTF? I'm turning twenty-eight... not eight! (and even when I was eight, I had better taste)

And finally, a scene from Hometown, taken on the way home from getting my hair cut this morning.

The road less traveled

It's nice to have a reminder that even on a dreary morning, this is a beautiful place. I'll be packing up and heading back to the Big City tomorrow morning, and I'm certainly ready to be back in the bustle of city life, and yet..

They say Home is where the Heart is, and I definitely keep a little piece of mine right here.


Anonymous said...

Aww, that's a beautiful calendar.

Jess said...

That calendar looks great and I love how the days turn into tree ornaments. That is amazingly crafty.

ana said...

You are crafty aren't you? That is a beautiful calendar. Love the last snap...beautiful place indeed.

Princess Pointful said...

Going home can be so rejuvenating, hey?

(but that jewelry is truly hideous)

Deutlich said...

Wow, that's just gorgeous and reminds me of the roads near my hometown of Bad Lauterberg, Germany. Technically, it's my mom's hometown but since I'm an Army brat I'm claiming it too.